Three factors affecting the concentration of mineral selection

Three factors affecting the concentration of mineral selection

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In some way, the scarce slurry is densely densely densely dense (that is, the lack of water content). The concentrated devices are mainly concentrated machines, sedimentation tanks, concentrated buckets and dense boxes. In addition, some divisions (such as hydraulic rotors, spiral spirals) and optional equipment (such as magnetic dehydration tank, wet magnetic cylinder selector, etc.) can also be used for concentrated dehydration equipment. Settlement concentration is the main method of concentrated dehydration adopted by the mineral selection plant. It is the dehydration process set by the ore grain its own gravity. In this process, the sedimentation speed of the ore particles is mainly affected by the following various factors:

1. The nature of mineral particles is mainly the density and size of the mineral particles. The larger the density, the faster the settlement speed and the same density, the thicker the ore particles, the faster the speed drop. What is more difficult to sink is the mottled mud with fine particles. The thinner the solid particles in the slurry, the greater the amount of mud, the more difficult the precipitation.

2. The viscosity of the slurry. The viscosity of the slurry also significantly affects the sedimentation speed of the particles, and the viscosity of the slurry is related to many factors such as the particle size and quality score of the mineral particle. Therefore, reducing the viscosity of the slurry is an important aspect of accelerating the concentration process.

3. The quality score of the pulp. The lower the quality score of the slurry, the smaller the interference of the minerals in the process of settlement, which is conducive to fine sedimentation.

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