Most children in the middle class use chopsticks? Parents and teachers are saved, and children miss the exercise period

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Chopsticks are the tableware of our Chinese, condensing our traditional culture. Every Chinese will use chopsticks, but recently found that many children will not use chopsticks correctly, and the posture of chopsticks is wrong, which makes him very hard to clamp things and get half effort.


Some people have conducted a survey in kindergarten, let children use chopsticks to make props to play, and find that most young children have no way to use chopsticks correctly. Less than 30%of the props for activities made by foam, 35%of them, of which 35%are children. It is very difficult.

Each child has a process of learning to use chopsticks, and parents, including kindergarten teachers, should pay attention to this process, and teach children when the practice uses chopsticks.

Try to use chopsticks can exercise multiple joint muscles of the child at the same time, which has an important role in improving the children’s hand’s fine movements, stimulating children’s brainpower, and exercising various sensory coordination of children.

The process of using chopsticks is not only on the movement, but also includes more than 30 joints between shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingertips, as well as more than 50 muscles in the upper arm, forearm, palms, fingers, etc. The practice process can stimulate brain cell development. Therefore, learning to use chopsticks when learning chopsticks is important to children’s growth.

When should the child learn to use chopsticks?

In “Learning and Guide of Children 3-6”, there are requirements for the age of children to use chopsticks:

Toddlers 4 to 5 years old can use chopsticks;

Children 5 ~ 6 years old can be skilled in chopsticks;

4 to 5 years old, probably the age of children entering the kindergarten, but in kindergarten, the dining tools prepared for children are generally spoons, because children are more difficult to learn to use chopsticks, and they have certain safety risks. Children are children. The speed of eating will also become slower, which will affect the teaching arrangements, so the kindergarten is also a understandable choice with a fork spoon.

In the family, many parents have ignored this, letting children eat with spoons,

So the opportunity of children’s use of chopsticks in life is greatly reduced.

Moreover, some parents are wrong with the posture of chopsticks, and they do not seriously teach their children to hold the correct posture of chopsticks. The children follow the parents, so they learn the wrong posture.

(Friends can check the posture of taking chopsticks first, right?)

The use of chopsticks is a complex and fine movement of the hand. It requires a proper force and physical coordination, so it is indeed difficult for children. Want to guide your children to learn to use chopsticks,

It also needs to be step by step.

We can

Start with the game

Let the children practice the “clip” action during the game, such as “clip clip balls”, “take beans in the cup”, use large clips and large items to practice, adults can still play in the competition to stimulate the child to stimulate the child interest of.

When you practice eating, you can

Let the children clip the things that are easy to clip


Avoid round, smooth and small foods, and give children some encouragement, wait until the accuracy and strength are practiced, and then increase the difficulty.

Another simple way is to use children to learn chopsticks for children to learn.

Moms should have seen the kind of children’s learning chopsticks. The top of the chopsticks is made into a connection. There are fingers on the chopsticks that can be put in the ring, and children over the age of two can be used to practice.

I used to buy learning chopsticks for my child online, and my husband saw:

“Before the children have not used learning chopsticks, do n’t they all learn to use chopsticks by themselves?”


I was speechless for a while …

Is it an IQ tax to learn chopsticks?

I think it ’s good to learn the invention of chopsticks. The difficulty of using chopsticks is reduced. Children can eat chopsticks earlier. Who does n’t want to eat independently?

Maybe some learning chopsticks are not well designed, so it is very chicken, but the design of this product is very useful.

I bought this beeshum to learn chopsticks,

Betting, anti -wrong position, ring design

Several aspects are doing well.


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Beeshum Children Chopsticks Training Chopsticks 3 -year -old baby Practice chopsticks.

¥ 27.8


The head is a fixed track design, so that the two chopsticks will not be misplaced to prevent the baby from being clamped caused by the dispersion of the baby’s control.

In addition, its rebound is also very good. The baby can be automatically separated after it is loosened. My family has been used for a long time, and I can always rebound quickly and lightly.

The most satisfied is its 3 ring design, which can be adjusted automatically, but there is a sign of the right direction, which can not only adapt to the hands of each child, but not to adjust into the wrong direction to interfere with the correct force of the child. The direction of the three rings is designed. After the child reaches the finger, the posture is consistent with the correct posture of chopsticks. Such guidance is correct! Otherwise, you can learn the wrong posture with learning chopsticks, and then the child’s chopstick posture is also wrong when he transitions to ordinary chopsticks.



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