All brands can be connected, all things can be span, how strange is the domestic product leap?

Recently, the Xinjiang cotton incident has set off a heat wave in the fashion circle. Many national tide brands have supported Xinjiang cotton and spoke for China.


Among the domestic canvas shoes, the highest voices except for back force, that is, it is a leap.

Leaping and backbone can be said to be “ups and downs” in the fashion circle, and have been in a state of unstoppable.


It is said that the influence of a brand is measured.

Speaking of the joint name of leap, I thought of a word:


“All brands can be connected, everything can be span”



Although the price of leap canvas shoes is not expensive, and the brand’s influence is not great, it is really a set to play jointly. There is nothing to play!

There are a lot of curiosity and strange joint names in leap …

Jiaotong University X Leaping Name

Leap was born in Shanghai in the last century. This joint shoes launched with Shanghai Jiaotong University really subverted my imagination of traditional canvas shoes.

Combined with the campus culture of the Jiaotong University for creative design, smooth shoe types with classic red and white and blue tones made people instantly return to the trend of the last century.

Although it is not outstanding in appearance and even a bit rustic, it is undeniable that the Jiao University X leap joint shoes are really young.


The fresh color of the eyes is young and younger. In the summer, it is nice with white T and shorts.

Military and military X Leaping Name

When many people are still questioning whether the leap is a domestic brand brand, maybe look at these pair of military X leap jump shoes.

On the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. Leap launched a military -martial arts union shoe, which is inspired by the first five -generation fighter aircraft in China, and presents the fighter model to the side of the shoe body through the printing method. The tongue is matched with the military V standard, showing the joint identity.

The overall shoe body line has a smooth sense of lines, with a classic and simple black and white tone, giving it excellent fashion and versatile. With white T -shirts and jeans, it looks very sunny.


Douban X Leaping Name


In order to cater to the aesthetic taste of young people, the leap also co -branded with Douban cross -border, and easily brushed a wave of traffic on the feet.


Simple design and fresh Douban green color matching, comfortable and stylish, fully meet the needs of the feelings of the feelings of the feelings of the relationship.


The refreshing white and green color color is also very suitable for a pleasant spring. It is paired with white sweater+rice white linen trousers, casual and comfortable and fashionable, or with a contrasting skirt, full of college style shows youthful youthful youthful youth breath.


Bilibili X Leaping Name

Bilibili, the leap -down name, is really unexpected. It seems that it will not be too successful cross -border cooperation, but it has an unexpected chemical reaction.

This pair of joint shoes firmly grasped the psychology of the two -dimensional group who likes B station, and the bold yellow, white and black color match with cute little TVs, full of youth and vitality.

There is also this blue and white color scheme, high -top style with iconic small TV pattern, cute and cute, it is simply men and women ~

Naixue × Leaping Name

With “tea” as a link, Naixue × leaping co -branded shoes incorporated the modern life atmosphere, giving people a pleasant fashion beauty.

The designer of Chanel personally handled the whole hand, the whole is based on white, and the scene of drinking tea in daily life is presented inside the shoe gang through the form of illustration.


The road of leaps in domestic goods really goes further and further, I believe the future is expected.

Do you know which “strange” leap -in -name?

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