Tao Hong’s early autumn is really beautiful, pink shirts with denim pants are gentle and generous, showing temperament and age reduction

Tao Hong is a temperamental woman with both looks and figure in the entertainment industry. Now she rarely appears in front of the camera, but occasionally it is still amazing. Wearing a pink shirt with high -waisted jeans, refreshing Sweet clothes are full of age reduction effects, which have the charm of mature women and the sweetness of girls.


Tao Hong’s styling analysis:

Pink shirt -use small area pink to present a sweet sense


Tao Hong’s early autumn is really beautiful. The pink shirt with denim pants is gentle and generous, and the temperament is reduced. Tao Hong’s body is very simple in color presentation, but the upper body uses a small area of ​​pink shirts to show a sweet and age -reducing effect. Many mature women will be lower and lower after a little years old. When wearing it, it will avoid bright colors, but Tao Hong wearing this pink shirt is very refreshing and clean in color presentation, which can wear a gentle and sweet femininity without appearing too tender.

Short up and down -wear long legs

Use a short and high matching method on the body to present the perfect figure proportion. The pink shirt wearing the upper body is relatively short, which can shorten the proportion of the upper body. The effect of the waistline is very simple, but it can make the body proportions very perfect through this combination.

Together with trousers -increase tenderness

Tao Hong’s high -waisted jeans use the shape of the horn legs on the design of the trouser legs to show the effect of increasing tenderness. This extended pants legs are a designer with a bad and disadvantage. The more friendly place lies in this kind of pants feet Part of the extension can show the effect of stretching the legs. On the one hand, the lengthened pants legs are not very friendly for girls who are not very tall, and it is easy to wear the effect that it cannot be worn.

Hierarchical stacked neckline -Increases visual three -dimensional and richness

Tao Hong was paired with a light white neck tie on the neckline when wearing this pink shirt. The very distinctive collar tie can make this pink shirt wear more layering and richness. It is just right to show a sense of girlishness, but girls with shorter neck lines are not suitable for this style of collar.

Pink shoulder bag -fashion and practical


When wearing this pink shirt, Tao Hong is paired with a shoulder bag of the same color system. Saturation to present a visual sense of gentleness. In addition to increasing fashion, this bag is also relatively large in capacity design and very practicality.

Shoulder curly hair -increase gentleness

Tao Hong is paired with a shoulder -length curly hair when wearing a pink shirt. The shoulder -length style can show a sense of sharpness. The position of the curly curly curls increases the gentleness of the mature woman.

Analysis of Tao Hong’s other styling:


White sleeveless dress


The basic pure white dress is very refreshing on the body. For older women, this foundation pure white is also very friendly. The sleeveless style cuts the refreshing sense. They are very suitable.

Blue velvet fabric panties

Bald blue is very friendly to mature women. It is neither a rigid board like black and gray, nor is it exaggerated as bright colors. Tao Hong’s trousers on this treasure blue jumpsuit are designed with velvet fabrics to show texture Advanced, wearing both dignified or eloquent and guaranteed enough comfort.


White T -shirt+red lace skirt

The bright red red and the basic pure white combine to present visual impact. Use two extreme color matching methods to present a complementary effect. Women, simple and practical.

Although Tao Hong is not young, her matching style is very bold, and she will not be limited by age in color. Various bright colors look very decent on her body. The ladies and sisters of the match can learn more about her matching.


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