“Blind Blind Box” was robbed, 98 yuan, netizens complained about Owan sales, red eye flights

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Everything is a blind box. After handling blind boxes, stationery blind boxes, makeup blind boxes, and fresh blind boxes, the air tickets are also out of the blind box!

During this year’s Qingming holiday, Tongcheng Travel launched a “98 yuan ticket blind box” product. To buy this blind box of 98 yuan, you can get a domestic one -way air ticket that specifies the departure, random destination, and random date. If the dismantling blind box ticket does not like it, you can refund the full amount. The concept of a blind box was cheap because the price was really cheap. The event was said to have attracted more than 10 million users to participate in the snap -up. In a short time, it was snapped up and caused the system to be paralyzed.

AI Financial Society inquiry Tongcheng officially showed that the next blind box event was 10 am on April 22, and the event supported friends to help.

This operation of Tongcheng caused a report from CCTV. A person in charge of a travel agency in Zhejiang interviewed in the report said that the airline would take out some votes for the caravan sales according to the full seat rate of last month or last quarter. Blind boxes are actually selling tail warehouse tickets for each destination, and then these air tickets are packaged. In other words, although the price is only 98 yuan, the tickets are sold in the air ticket blind box.

Many netizens have taken their own tickets: there are those who go to Yulin, Guangzhou, Luoyang, and Taiyuan. Destinations, airlines, and departure time are different. Most of the tickets bought at 98 yuan are around 200 yuan.


A user who grabbed a 98 -yuan ticket told the AI ​​Finance News that he had grabbed a ticket from Beijing to Ordos. The flight showed that at 12 o’clock at night, that is, “Red Eye Flight”. Red -eye flight refers to passenger flights that run in the early night to the early morning and arrive at the destination in the early morning to the morning, and the flight time is less than normal sleep demand (8 hours).

Perhaps in order to dispel consumers’ concerns, the official WeChat signal of Tongcheng has specially issued a long post, listing multiple tourist destinations including Xinjiang Kashgar, Sichuan Zigong, Liaoning Jinzhou, Liuzhou, Guangxi, Fujian Quanzhou, and Yancheng, Jiangsu.

In addition, there are other restrictions on the blind box tickets, such as only one way, accommodation, attractions tickets, and return tickets must be purchased by themselves, and the departure time of the blind box ticket will be randomly arbitrary date in the next 30 days, even within 3 days, even within 3 days It can really be regarded as a casual trip that said.


In view of the above reasons, many netizens did not use it after buying, but chose to refund directly. The Returning Rules of the event show that after paying and buying a blind box, it can be refunded actively without locking. The automatic refund is not locked in 30 minutes.

Regarding the issue of high -end products and high refund rates, AI Finance and Economics Consulting Tongcheng Tourism Network and telephone customer service all showed that the seats were busy and no one answered. When the robot customer service responds to the destination problem, according to the selected place, all cities within the mainland of the mainland that starts the place of departure will be provided. There will be priority and random principles of popular tourist cities. In high risk areas of the epidemic, are not provided in the blind box.

Before the appearance of the “ticket blind box”, there was another product accused of being used to save damage to the epidemic and stimulate consumption: “fly freely.”

Some people in the industry told the AI ​​Finance News that the idea of ​​”flying freely” is actually from the annual ticket products of the airline. People who have a strong demand. Whether it is a “ticket blind box” or “flying free”, it is a marketing measure for tourism companies or airlines to relieve the urgent urgentity. This is completely understandable.

“The air ticket blind box can consume the air ticket through 98 yuan, and allows travelers to take the aircraft to take a plane. It is a kind of mutual benefit, and the model can always be established.” Industry insiders said.

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