South Korea’s loose velvet jacket, these models are popular this year

In winter, I like clothes with velvet texture the most, and it is very warm to look at, so I brought this year’s popular Korean loose velvet jacket, let’s take a look!

1. [Korean loose velvet jacket]


This Korean loose velvet jacket, the elegant classic version makes the whole shirt look much more fashionable, but it will not be too exaggerated, and the velvet fabric is very warm and feels particularly good.

“” “” “” “” “Korean MM’s favorite small sexy shoulder sweater!


(The handsome jacket version and the short design give you an unrestrained comfort, let you wear your own sense of fashion in winter)

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2. [Face -to -top drawing rope hooded sweater jacket]

The solid color fluff pumping rope hooded sweater jacket can almost summarize any versatile shape, loose bat models, plus the hooded design is very college FU ~~ The daily leisure sense is proper. ~


(The dazzling red can be opened as a coat, or you can pull it on the zipper to wear it. It looks more petite and cute)

3. [Velvet solid color loose jacket]

A good coat with texture fried chicken, the velvet material can feel its distinctiveness when you touch it. The more handsome locomotive jacket will not be outdated after a long time! Basically, they can be controlled.

(The pockets on both sides are closed by zipper.

4. [Loose velvet casual female jacket]


The warm khaki combined with the texture of the velvet material is super good. Polo collar a buckle design. The upper body is gentle and great. There are two pocket designs on the chest that can be convenient for small things. Who looks good ~

(The sleeve type is a bit bubble, which is relatively loose, and the upper body is playful and cute. The simple version is also so easy!)

5. [Golden velvet red jacket jacket]


A handsome and feminine golden velvet red jacket, with a little shiny velvety pits, bright colors like velvet, short length, small MMs of the small man do not have to worry about matching the problem, loose version covering up The meat is thin and not picky.

(Simple jeans or skirts with this red jacket can make you wear a sense of fashion!)

6. [Korean version of lamb hairy jacket]

The fabric of the jacket is corduroy, which is very windproof and warm. This kind of clothes will not only prevent snow, but also warmer, the version is very good, the length is just right, and the hair around the hat can be blocked by the face to block the face. Winter cold.

(The yellow and white match is very eye -catching, but also full of vitality, let you drive away the dullness of winter)


Is there a stylish Korean loose velvet jacket?

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