64 high -top shoes recommendation, autumn and winter are suitable, tide and versatile

64 high -top shoes recommendation | It is enough to read this article in autumn and winter!!. Today this note will recommend 64 high -top shoes, and tell everyone how high -top shoes should match clothes. Look down, quickly finger fingers ~


Winter is gradually coming. Many thin and low -top shoes are temporarily “laid -off”. Because it is bloated in winter, shoes are easier to attract everyone’s attention than summer.

Because of the good wrapping of high -gang shoes, the warmth effect is better. It is a must -have in winter, but when many people buy high -top shoes, they do not know what choices have.


Many people feel that high -top shoes are short. In fact, high -top shoes are very versatile. As long as they are paired, they become handsome men in seconds.


1. Slim trousers instead of tights

If tight pants are paired with high -top shoes, the legs will look thick and short. And if you choose a slightly loose slim pants, it is just right. The trousers will not be fat enough to cover high -top shoes, but wearing it is more comfortable than tight pants. It is a good choice. As for the

Second, uniform color of pants and shoes

The matching of shoes and pants of the same color system will look particularly long in visual extension, and if the color contrast of the pants and shoes is relatively large, it will focus on everyone’s eyes, so that the legs will expose the legs of the legs. Some shortcomings. Secondly, it is recommended to choose dark pants, which can also prevent others from focusing on their eyes.


Third, don’t be too long


Because the high -top shoes are relatively high, they will cover the ankle, so if the pants are covered with the shoe gang, it will look bloated, especially if the legs are short. Therefore, the length of the pants should not be too long.

Fourth, don’t be too long

Too long tops will shorten the leg lines, and the legs look shorter, so don’t try to take the shirt too long.


The shoes I choose are very popular now, there are classic canvas shoes, and there are good winter boots in winter, and there are many good -looking high -top shoes in domestic shoes. So I hope to give you some inspiration to buy high -top shoes.

If you think it ’s not bad, just like it. Pay attention to it. I will keep updating all the time. Your attention is the motivation for my continuous update. Hahaha

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