How much is it suitable for red wine at a time? do you know?

In China, wine table culture has always been popular. Whether it is a friend’s party or a business banquet, wine is indispensable! As one of the oldest food culture in the world, red wine often appears at various wine table banquets. The fruit aroma is rich and the taste is sweet, but do you know how much it is suitable for red wine at a time? If you do n’t know, let ’s take a look together!

The small move of pouring wine seems simple, but it is also skillful! If it is too full, the liquor cannot be fully exposed to oxygen, which will make the restrained aroma unable to release it completely, which is not conducive to showing its perfect taste. If you pour too little, the liquor is exposed to excessive liquid to the oxygen, which will also affect its taste and flavor. It’s not a lot, just right!

Generally speaking, one -third of red wine is more appropriate. You can leave enough spiral rotation wine to smell the wine. At the same time, you can also feel the charm of the wine! Remember, do not pour the wine too much on any occasion, it will make red wine lose charm, and the aroma is not so intoxicated! At most professional wine tasting meetings, the wine servant’s wine generally does not exceed one -third of the wide -mouth glass!

Of course, when pouring the wine, you should pour some of the taste to the owner. After the host expresses satisfaction, pour alcohol for others. The order of pouring wine starts from the right side of the owner (lady, the elderly priority). When pouring the wine, remember to hold the bottom of the bottle with your hand, so as not to touch the wine glass, making a harsh sound! After pouring the wine, the wine glass should be placed on the right hand side of the guest.

Red wine contains more phenols with more alcohol, which is strong in antioxidant and is good for the human body! Especially female friends, you can drink some red wines appropriately for half an hour to an hour before bedtime, soothing tension and improving sleep quality. Remember not to drink excessive drinking, otherwise it will easily cause harm to the human body!

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