Fashionable watches, look good and more temperament

For the little fairy, the watch does not have to be precise, but it must be good -looking and temperamental. Wearing the wrist is a highlight that can’t be ignored. And good -looking watches, you can also match clothing to brighten the overall makeup, but also show your taste and identity.

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At first glance, the watch was not surprising, and goodbye found that the whole watch was full of highlights. The purple diamond scale is settled in the position through the inlaid method of craftsmanship. The three -dimensional carving process is engraved with a small hollow window of the commentary. The lines are smooth and beautiful, showing women’s elegance. In particular, on the 316L rose gold case, the shape of the flowers is portrayed, which is inlaid with bright vermiculite, which is very rich in texture. The diameter of the 38mm dial is not large, but it is enough to modify the curve between the women’s wrists and add more delicate. The mechanical movement is more agile and sexy to this exquisite.

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Raerson’s watch is known for its cost -effectiveness. This watch is mainly ceramic, and 316L essence steel is supplemented by a sturdy shell with strict seams. The waterproof depth can reach 50 meters. You do n’t have to worry about the water entering. The small window of hollowed out can go straight to the movement of the movement. 21 ruby ​​bearings ensure stable performance of the movement. The pattern of orchid grass is delicate and smooth, with a tough temperament. Ceramics straps, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, wearing can be new for a long time, don’t worry about quality such as discoloration.


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“The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to look for light.” Nightlight’s sword -shaped three stitches were splitting the darkness of darkness, so that even if you were in darkness, you could clearly see the time. The bezel is embedded with bright vermiculite, and it is marked with the extension of the vermiculite inside. It is the appearance of each other. The small window of hollowed out, the ultimate contrast between red and blue, giving people a new visual experience, allowing the watch to have less sense of mechanical watch and more lightweight.

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