The bedroom uses this quilt to get out of money, and rich people will avoid!

The bedroom is where everyone will be, because this is where everyone sleeps, so everyone pays attention to the decoration of the bedroom. For many people’s fate, this is something that rich people care about, so let’s find out.

Do not cover these colors of quilt in the bedroom!

1. White quilt. White is the cleanest color, and many people’s favorite colors are white. In terms of feng shui science, white is not good. If you choose a white quilt, it is easy to provoke obscurity. Over time, the owner’s wealth and marriage will become, and it will even affect the relationship between the family. In addition, white is related to funerals, and it is particularly unlucky.

2. Red quilt. Do not cover these color quilts in the bedroom, you can only live more and more, and the husband and wife must pay attention! Although China pays attention to joy and likes red things, it is best not to use big red quilts in the bedroom. We Chinese like red. When we get married, we must dress up at home, and the red quilt is placed in the bedroom. Although red is festive, from the perspective of health, using the red quilt is unscientific, because the red color is bright, it will stimulate our brain nerves, make people excited, and often be difficult to fall asleep and affect the quality of sleep. It will cause some harm to human health.

3. Children’s bedroom should not be used to use fancy quilts. Many people like to dress their children’s rooms fancy, and even the quilt chooses a variety of patterns. However, too fancy patterns can stimulate children’s visual nerves and make the original lively children more active. Therefore, it is recommended that there is no fancy quilt in the child’s bedroom.

4. The quilt of a square diamond pattern. If you have an elderly man at home, you are not recommended to use this type of quilt. From the perspective of feng shui, these patterns will give the elderly a sense of mental oppression, which is not good for health.

5. Big black quilt. Do not cover these color quilts in the bedroom, you can only live more and more, and the husband and wife must pay attention! We all know that there are many colors of the sheets. Although the choice of color is determined by ourselves, we remember not to choose at will. The black sheets are not suitable for paving in the husband and wife’s room. This is a taboo on feng shui. The most important thing for the husband and wife room is warm and elegant. The decoration layout should not pursue big black and purple purple, so that we can create a tense situation, cause communication obstacles to the relationship between husband and wife, and affect our sleep.

How to choose a quilt that suits you


1. Polyester cotton refers to the collective name of polyester and cotton woven fabrics. It uses 65%-67%polyester and 33%-35%cotton mixed woven textiles, commonly known as “really good”. Two types. The flat -fired polyester cotton fabric is thin, the strength and wear resistance are very good, the shrinkage rate is very small, the appearance of the product is not easy to go, and the price is affordable, the durability is good, but the comfortable and personality is not as good as the cotton. In addition, because the polyester is not easy to dye, the polyester cotton fabrics are mostly light and light tones. This type of home textile is more suitable for spring and summer. The oblique polyester cotton is usually more density than the flat line, so it looks dense and thick, and the surface is lustrous and the feel is better than the flat line.


2. The color woven cotton is a type of cotton fabric. It is woven with different colors and weft gauze. Due to the first dyeing and then weaving, the dye has strong permeability, the color weaving fastness is better, and the three -dimensional sense of different color yarn fabrics is strong, the style is unique, and the quilt is mostly manifested as a pattern flower type. It has the characteristics of cotton fabric, but it usually has a greater shrinkage.

3. The latitude density of the high -density of high -density and high density of cotton fabrics is particularly large, and the weaving method is rich in changes. Therefore, the fabric has a thick hand and good durability. The more advanced one in the fabric.


Pure cotton feels good, comfortable, easy to dye, and flower type variety changes, soft and warm, strong hygroscopic, washing resistance, less static electricity, is widely used by quilts; It is not resistant to alkali and should not be treated for a long time at high temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is best to spray wet when ironing cotton products, which is easy to iron. If possible, the product will be ironed with steam iron each time it is used, and the effect will be better.


4. The appearance of the real silk is gorgeous and rich, with natural soft light and flashing effect. It feels comfortable, high, high, elastic and hygroscopic than cotton, but it is easy to dirty and dirty, and the heat resistance of strong sunlight is worse than cotton. The cross section of its fiber is unique triangle. The reflection of light changes to the light after local moisture absorption, which is easy to form water stains and it is difficult to eliminate.

The choice of many furniture in the bedroom is very particular. In fact, the choice of quilts is also very particular. Not only must you choose a comfortable quilt, we must choose the color of the quilt, because many rich people are very good at the color of the quilt. Feng Shui conflicts, and your fortune will disappear. I hope the introduction of the editor above can make you choose the right quilt for a lifetime.

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