Detailed explanation of the age mechanism of Kung Fu game Master! Master’s combat system in -depth introduction

“Master” developed by Sloclap is a martial arts action game based on Chinese kung fu. It is expected to be released in February 2022. Recently, the official introduced the age growth mechanism and combat system in the game in detail. Let’s take a look together ~

The official said that the protagonist “Master” of the game has been studying kung fu in his life, but the game is only 20 years old. He has a powerful prop: Ancient pendant that can resurrect himself, but this pendant needs life energy to operate, so the protagonist will grow older each time. And he must find and defeat all enemies one night.

The age will not weaken the protagonist, but it will slightly affect the ability: the older the age, the more you use the maximum health to exchange the attack power. So players need to think about the consequences of action.


The ability to resurrect after death gives players the opportunity to return to the battle. Before returning to the battle, the death picture is actually a good opportunity for players to breathe and reflect on previous errors. At this time, you can unlock new skills and open more options. You can also enter the hero’s martial arts between tasks, and you can find it around the level


Unlock skills.


It can also allow players to choose different bonuses to improve the character’s ability during each challenge. Each Canada has different consumption requirements or prerequisite conditions. Bonus and skills can allow players to specialize in what they need most: more health, more concentration, increase the highest structure value, weapon durability, and so on.

These upgrades will not be lost during death, coupled with the ability to resurrect immediately after death, you may feel that you are invincible at first. But this will not continue forever, and you

The more the number of deaths, the faster the age growth rate

Essence This is expressed by the death counter: the first death will be increased by one year when resurrection. The second time is two years old, the third three years old, in this kind of push. The way to reduce or re -design is to use a temple with this function, or to defeat specific enemies such as the demon king.

Completing the chapter will make the death count zero, but the age is not affected


You can’t become more young


It will only grow older in the process of falling to the ground and resurrection again and again. You can deceive the death god for a while, but in the last years, you will not let anyone go. After more than a certain age, your life energy is not enough to provide pendant use, so you will not be able to resurrect again. At this time yours


The end of death will become a thorough game end

Although you are

At the end of the game, you will lose your unlocking skills and upgrades, but some things will stay


Essence Every time you complete a chapter in the game, you will leave a storage point for the completion of the completion. You can continue to the next chapter, or try again to challenge better performance. In addition to the storage point, you can also spend more experience to unlock the skills permanently, so that the skills are immediately effective at the beginning of the new game.

Finally, show the protagonist’s investigation process

The investigation board will retain all the information you have collected

, Even after your game is over, it will not be deleted. In addition to tracking many clues and information about the five enemies, the investigation board will also show the shortcuts, secret rooms or hidden doors that you unlock in the previous game, so that you can get started again.

In addition, the single -player game of this game is characteristic in the nightclub, jumping over the table and throwing bottle in the nightclub. The game wants to make players feel like the protagonist in Kung Fu movies and get a gradual experience. I am studying martial arts while learning kung fu, and at the same time, it gradually establishes a personal charm image.


Designed in the game designed a name called



The system to simulate the real fighting concept, including impact and attacking the opponent’s attitude, his attack and defense ability. The system is presented in the form of a meter table, which is divided into enemies and us. If you can try to break through the structure of your opponent, you can perform strong knocking down to solve them. This is your opportunity to show the devastating white eyebrows. But if you fill your own structural scale, you will not be able to fight and defense yourself in a short time. During this period, you will be easily attacked by the enemy.

The interception attack will quickly fill your balance table, and the game has prepared several more flexible defense options for players. Dodge can allow you to avoid at critical moments and save you. But what is more important is that at the right time blocking attack, you will turn you to attack, but let your opponent lose balance, bringing you the opportunity to counterattack or defeat them. You can also retreat through the rapid bend or jump over, and the whole body retreats. This trick is particularly easy to use to deal with a strong attack that cannot be blocked or quickly restores balance to counterattack opponents.

Players will start with any opponent’s offensive, but you have to spend some time to understand the different attributes of those stunts. You can mix and match powerful and fast attacks to establish a continuous segment to deal with single enemies or break each. When you gradually advance and unlock new skills, you will get more options to cooperate with your personal play style and cope with the tricky situation. You can choose to knock down the enemy, repel them back to the ally, dizzy or lift the armed forces that threatened the enemy. This trick is particularly effective when you face more and more opponents at the same time.

The core game experience of “Master” with the ingredients


Essence The game is committed to finding the right balance point, so that players can feel the challenges surrounded, but they are not at a loss because of the influx of offensive at the same time. The game chooses to use a dynamic locking system during shooting to switch the lens quickly and sensitively between multiple targets, and strive to provide a smooth and sensitive experience.

In addition to the most popular white eyebrows, players also need to use the environment to overcome the unfavorable factors to face. The game introduces all the elements that can be available for all battle situations, such as furniture that can be used to smash the enemy’s feet, throwing items, power replacement weapons, or tables that can jump over. Provide additional options.

Finally, players will be able to pass through “


“The mechanism relies on precise and powerful stunts. Focus is a resource that will accumulate with the player’s fighting. After filling, it will be unlocked gradually in the process of customs clearance. The use of focusing power will slow down to facilitate the devastating stunts after selecting the opponent’s weakness, causing the enemy to be disabled or seriously injured. Players can use different focus attacks when unlocking new skills to adjust specific difficulties.




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