This year, the “Chinese Wind Cotton Services” is thinner than down jackets. Middle -aged women wear this way, so elegant

For the middle -aged women who Benwu, they are more or less blessed, especially in the winter, as the clothes cross the more, the whole person looks bloated, especially when the down jacket is worn, it is easy to wear “soil fertilizer round round “”.

With the popularity of Chinese style, this winter “Chinese cotton clothing” is hot, and its own nostalgic sense of years gives people a kind of amazing time, keeping warm and thin, the most elegant and noble side of middle -aged women Essence


Cheongsam cotton clothing


The Chinese wind cotton clothing that continues the cheongsam style, the visual lines are full of lines, and the characteristics of the cheongsam are first -class. Elements such as oblique plackets, plate buckles, and standing collars, with a classic atmosphere, the elegant and noble temperament of Oriental women is perfectly presented.


Most of the clothes in winter are dull, especially in middle -aged women. It looks too dull. The nostalgic color system of Chinese cotton clothes not only lights up, but also does not lose calmness and atmosphere. Give people a bright feeling without worrying about it.

Look1: cheongsam cotton clothing+wide -leg pants

The retro -old cheongsam cotton -style cotton clothes are quiet and quiet. Brownish yellow is a color that is more charm. It belongs to the royal court of the court, and the mood of landscapes and cranes conveys the atmosphere and tenderness.

The cotton clothes lock the warmth, with wide -leg pants to wear a big woman’s aura, wide -leg pants have the effect of modifying the leg shape, while adding an overall layering.

Look2: Cheongsam cotton clothing+skirt

The shape of the classical cheongsam can easily outline the lines of the body. Just refer to the color and printing. For example, green is a relatively fresh color system, and it can also achieve the effect of age. Women’s taste, the most suitable for middle -aged women.


In addition to being paired with wide -leg pants, you can also match a half skirt. Relatively speaking, it has a little capable taste, more elegant and dynamic, and still a sense of layering.


Chinese cotton

The Chinese -open cotton clothing is visually symmetrical. What is set out is the dignified and atmospheric taste. Black as the eternal classic color of the fashion industry, it has a “ink rhyme” taste in the Chinese style. The color that is not easy to make errors.

Of course, as the black mentioned above is easy to be boring and monotonous, you can use folds or lines to break this monotonous sense. In addition, you can also choose a small -scale contrasting color. The overall looks low -key and exquisite.

If a woman who is not confident in her body, try the X -shaped design.

The charm of Chinese style lies in the artistic conception of the pattern. Although it is relatively simple on the lines, the charm conveyed by the pattern directly impacts the vision. The walking end was caught inadvertently.

Chinese style short cotton clothing+half skirt


The Chinese style short cotton clothes are relatively light visually, and at the same time have the effect of age -reducing, especially for women who are not tall, the proportion of the upper and lower body is divided, and it is easier to create a tall figure.

The color of the peacock blue is elegant and connotative. In the low -key, the beauty of the years is infected. With the blooming flowers, the layers are rich, the meaning is long, and the soft line temperament is gentle. character.

The simple and low -key Chinese -style short cotton clothes are not so luxurious in temperament, but they are quiet and beautiful. The large -profile cotton clothing does not pick the figure, the age span is large, and there is no bloated feeling.


Xiangyun Sin itself is a relatively expensive fabric, which is a cotton jacket made of Xiangyun yae, and the cracks of the turtle spaghetti with the sense of time of the years are rich in “muscles and bones”, simple and not clumsy. With Xiangyun Skirt, it seems simple, but you can wear aura and extraordinary in winter.

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