“Love Vegetable Basketball” help disability to send Guan Ai

In order to continuously improve the efficiency of serving the people, the Yilin Community of Songjianghe Town, Fusong County make full use of the advantages of the “Three Long” linkage mechanisms, establish a platform for discussion, and timely understand the needs of residents through face -to -face and communication with residents, and effectively solve the residents. “The problem of urgency and sorrow “.

The residents of Taihe Community Lao Xu are a low -guarantee household and lived in one person for a long time. Due to the inconvenience of mobility, buying a neighbor to help daily.However, during the Spring Festival, the neighbors were not at home, and their children could not go home for the New Year because of the epidemic, which brought inconvenience to Lao Xu’s life.After the Yilin Community grid long learned this situation during the visit to the house, the “three long” of Taihe Community was summoned and made a good benefit. A “Love Vegetable Basketball” was installed at the door of Lao Xu’s house.Put vegetables and fruits and daily necessities in the “Love Vegetable Basketball”.

Seeing the community’s consideration for himself so thoughtful, Lao Xu said excitedly: “Thank you for the Yilin community, thank you, everyone, you have worked hard!”

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