Thousands of yuan to buy LV bags, second -hand luxury goods are harvested by young people’s wallets in the name of “Middle Ages”

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A scene appeared in the hit drama “Thirty Thirty” last year, and now many people still remember: the heroine Gu Jia in order to join the “rich wife” circle, so that his son can go to the equestrian class, in the ancient ancient family in the family The store sold its own Hermes limited edition bracelet. In the subsequent plot, this bracelet appeared on a wife’s wrist.


The way young consumers get luxury goods are changing. Under the catalysis of online channels such as live e -commerce, second -hand luxury goods, especially the “Middle Ages” products, and quickly “out of the circle” and flowers online and offline. It emerged and became a “punch place” for fashionable young people.

But with the enthusiasm of the consumption of young users, there are the prices of medieval products. A seller told the AI ​​Finance News that she bought an LV horn bag from Japan in October 2019, which sells for more than 1,000 yuan. In just one year, the purchase price of this bag has risen to more than 4,000 yuan Essence

Behind the crazy “premium”, who is hype the second -hand “Middle Ages” package?

Who is buying second -hand luxury goods?

The consumption concept of young people is changing. Even luxury goods with “high -end” and “luxury” labels, fashionable young people are not afraid to let go of their worth and use “second -hand consumption” to realize their “LV freedom”.

Gen Z’s high degree of acceptance of second -hand culture, strong awareness of environmental protection, and limited consumption capacity. It is the main consumer group of second -hand luxury goods. The “2021 China Second -hand Luxury Products Industry Overview” shows that generations have performed active in second -hand luxury trading platforms, and more than 50%of consumers are under 30 years of age; it also includes ordinary white -collar workers and college students groups Essence

The emergence of the epidemic has also promoted the development of the second -hand luxury market. Data from the Leopard Research Institute showed that the stock of the luxury market in China has reached 4 trillion yuan in the past ten years. development stage. This market with huge potential and consumer groups in the new generation has attracted countless merchants to join.

Online and offline, under the banner of “Middle Ages”, they began to emerge and quickly began to “out of the circle.”

According to Qixin Bao data, my country with medieval and second -hand luxury goods as keywords, adding 1912 newly added in 2020, the number of new numbers in the past ten years; as of August 3 this year, my country’s second -hand luxury related products related to the second -hand luxury goods are related to this year. The company has reached 9,758.

The word “Middle Ages” is an imported product. It is translated from Japanese, which means that old products with age, or straightforwardly, are “second -hand products”. However, in the second -hand luxury market, the “medieval model” specifically refers to in some specific eras, such as branded products produced in the 1980s or before the 1990s. They are particularly loved by consumers due to scarcity and collection value. They are particularly loved by consumers. Popular brands include Hermes, Chanel, LV, Fenti, Gucci, Burberry and other international brands.

When the labels such as luxury goods and “culture” and “out of print” are bundled, it can also stimulate people’s desire to buy than simple big -name products.

Li Ying’s contact with second -hand luxury goods in 2014. At that time, she just came to Beijing to study and often wandered with her classmates in Nanluku Lane and other places. They are all students in Beiying Film and Television Literature. They love to see old Hong Kong films in the 1980s and 1990s, and they also have some special complex on overseas “retro style”.

“The first ‘two luxury’ bag I bought was LV’s tannin old flower camera bag, the price was nearly 2,000 yuan. At that time, I felt that I could no longer find another person on the street. When I go out for fashion and pull the wind. When I drank on Weibo, many people chased the link, but this kind of bag is alone, and I can’t buy it online. I think my aesthetics and shopping vision have been recognized by the public. , I am still proud of my heart. “Li Ying said.

In the past few years, Li Ying told AI Finance that she has piled up a dozen and ancient bags in her cabinets, including first -line big names such as Chanel and LV, as well as niche designer brands such as Mila Schon and Sen Yinghui. Occasionally, for “returning blood”, she will still sell a few bags on her leisure fish. She said that it usually takes a few days to sell it.

Beijing’s white -collar workers Chen Yuan and Li Ying are about the same age, but she said that she chose to buy the “Middle Ages” package because she focused on cost -effectiveness. “Really, I bought an imitation version of the LV Tot bag on Taobao when I was in college, but I always doubted that people saw it after memorizing it. Now, Taobao live broadcast is also pushing the old flowers. I spend more than 4,000 yuan. Starting one. Old flowers are relatively hot now, but not as vulgar as other explosive models, there is a low -key luxury feeling. “

Thousands of yuan can realize “LV freedom”. Compared with the straightforward “second -hand luxury”, whether it is “Middle Ages” or “Ancient”, it seems that they are more catered to the preferences of these young consumers such as Li Ying and Chen Yuan. Among them A retro and niche “mystery” also faintly revealed.

But in fact, the two luxury products of “Middle Ages” are no longer just linked to the economic conditions of young consumers. “Middle Ages” products often mean the scarcity and personalization of goods, which can be described as “low -key and luxurious.” In Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, the “Middle Stores” have gradually begun to appear. Li Ying and Chen Yuan also found that the prices of many middle -aged products were not understood.


In recent years, there have been many two luxury stores in the Sanlitun Business District of Beijing. Although some of them were established shortly after the establishment, it has already become popular. Vintage Musevie, who has burst into fire in Shanghai, is also the place where Gu Jia sends the plot of the bracelet with the aforementioned “Thirty Thirty”. After entering Sanlitun, it has quickly jumped into one of the “Internet celebrity punch shops” here.

When AI Finance came to the store, it was a night of working days, but the store was still crowded. The shop decoration is mainly red and green tone, with a strong retro style. As soon as the customers enter the store door, they can see the Chanel bag full of the entire wall, Hermes and LV piled up in the mountains. The LOGO of the first -line luxury brands such as YSL, Dior, and Fantai seems to step into the medieval Treasure Palace.


Interestingly, 45 meters away from this shop, the online celebrity clothing store Brandy Melvile. Many female customers came out of the clothing store and turned into the “Taobao” in the middle -aged shop.

In addition, a shop called “Four Sea Middle -Ejuers” is equally popular. In just two or three years, the shop has more than 90,000 fans on the Xiaohong Book platform; according to Meituan, its per capita consumption price exceeds 5,200 yuan.

In 2005, a number of earliest physical medium -aged shops were born in first -tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. The stores are mainly known for the first -line luxury brands that are well known, including the designer brands such as the Empress Dowager and Gauchier, and the categories cover the middle ancient costumes, jewelry, bags, leather shoes, etc. They also have more gathering sites. For example, most of Beijing’s Middle Stores are concentrated in Nanluoguxiang and Sanlitun, forming a unique retro cultural atmosphere.

Now, more and more stores that are under the selling point of “Middle Ages” appear on the streets of first- and second -tier cities, but unlike the early Middle -aged Stores, the selection and positioning of these stores are more oriented to “second -hand luxury goods”.

Luxury stores have also become more and more “popular” and “Internet celebrities”.

Li Hong has done a five -year middle -aged shop business in Nanluoguxiang, Beijing. She said that during the epidemic last year, she clearly felt the concept of big names in the big name “fire”. She found that during that time, a large number of anchors sold in the live broadcast platform appeared in the live broadcast platform, and the sales volume was very hot; she knew a medieval shop on the West Street in Gushu, Beijing, and simply did not open the offline store. Live broadcast, rumors in the circle said that this store can sell 1 million yuan per month, with a monthly profit of up to 300,000 yuan.

Today, online channels have become the main battlefield of the second luxury industry, and offline sellers have strengthened their marketing efforts on social media platforms. The clerk of a two -luxury store in Sanlitun revealed that the store has cooperated with multiple KOLs to take pictures and make video content from the latter. Fang Duo is a fashion blogger with a certain fan base, a shop blogger, and a lifestyle blogger. On the Xiaohong Book platform, there are thousands of notes in the store. For the second luxury market of the niche, it is a lot of traffic that can attract. The popularity of the live broadcast platform is also expanding the spread and influence of medium -aged products.

(Picture source: screenshot of social platform)

In the past two years, some large medium -sized contractors have frequently cooperated with the Internet celebrity anchor to propagate and promote through platforms such as Douyin and Taobao. On short video and e -commerce platforms, search for keywords of “Middle Ages” and “Second -hand Luxury”, and the dazzling medieval bags and watches and other products jump into the field of vision.

After the epidemic was relieved last year, the second luxury industry also ushered in the peak of consumption. Li Hong said that she can send fifty or sixty pieces of express every day. “At that time, our shop was particularly hot, and it could sell at most 100 packages a day.”

Who is in the “hype” in the middle of the ancient bag?

In the case of a large number of small and medium -sized merchants poured in, the price of “big -name Middle Ages” has been separated from many young people’s expectations of “thousands of yuan to achieve LV freedom” and began to fly all the way. AI Finance has noticed that in recent years, the price of popular custody bags has almost doubled, and LV old flower bags are the “hardest hit areas” for price increases.

The price of the LV Mahjong package in early 2020 is basically around 2000 yuan, but by the beginning of 2021, the price has risen to about 4,000 yuan; the prices of LV’s camel bags, mini pillow packs, and piano bags have also doubled.

Middle -aged luxury goods were given “scarcity” factor. Therefore, most of the merchants who sell medium -aged products are mostly based on personal preferences and market pricing, and there is no uniform price standard. However, in the current domestic market in China, a big trend is: buying big -name bags can basically predict that its price “will only rise and not fall”. The space is greater; just as a netizen lamented: “If you set up an ancient bag of 1 million yuan in 2019, it may get two million to sell this year, which is comparable to stock trading.”

Some popular medium -old models that are sought after by consumers are often engraved by brand counters, such as the Dior saddle bags in recent years, Fantdi Laohua French Bags, Gucci Bamboo Festival, etc. Higher, many people will choose to go to the old -fashioned models with higher cost performance, so that the prices of such products have risen.

But at the same time, the “cargo” of celebrities and Internet celebrities often decide whether a bag can be “fire”. In fact, many “explosives” on the Internet are stars with fire. For example, in recent years, many female stars, including Ouyang Nana and Yang Mi, like to pay back in the streets on the street; in addition, Like the Kardashian family in the United States, Japanese model Mizukiko, and Korean women’s group Blackpink, etc.

The high premium brought by “hype” surprised the players in the middle and ancient circles.

“Generally, which star carries a medium -old bag again, or which brand of counter is re -engraved with the old model, the price rises. It turns out that the celine’s medieval bag only sells a few hundred dollars. Later The style, I invited the Korean women’s group idol Lisa to endorse, the price of the Celine Middle Bag was suddenly fired by ‘frying’. Now it is cheap to buy more than 2,000 yuan. The counter products also sold about 8,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan. “Li Hong said.

Another second -hand luxury merchant also said that the market price of the ancient bags has far exceeded its original value. “In the past three or four years, the popular middle jewelry and bags of the popular models should be 50%of the price increase every year. Among them, Hermes and LV are the most powerful, especially in the 1990s. The price rose more than four or five times, and some could rise to more than 10 times. “


The price increase in the “Middle Ages” circle has gradually expanded to some big -name counter integration exchange products, such as Chanel towel bags, points mobile phone bags, accumulation waves, etc. Essence Some merchants have revealed that there are also a large number of fakes, but “it has a big name LOGO, and the brand effect has also spawned the vanity of consumers. The best selling products now is the product of this type, and the price is also fried. “

(Photo Source: Social Platform Screenshot) (Picture Source: Social Platform Screenshot)

At the same time, the high -premium speculation is also the big -name medium jewelry. In recent years, big -name jewelry has high popularity in the domestic market, but some merchants revealed to the AI ​​Finance News that “the brand side rarely produces medieval jewelry, but the production factories they authorize often produce more unsacorned goods and put them on their own. The brand label is sold to the domestic market. Even if consumers buy such fakes, it is difficult to identify it through the counter. “At the same time, ordinary buyers often do not have professional appraisal capabilities.

Behind the “price increase”, is it still a good business?

Behind the “price increase” of big -name medium -sized products, some businesses bluntly said that selling medium -old products has been turned into a “capital game” by some big businesses. The days of small and medium businesses have begun to be sad.

The term “Middle Ages” is derived from Japan, and Japan’s second luxury industry is strong. It has a large number of out of print and rare second -hand luxury supplies, which has also spawned medium -aged purchases. Many businesses get goods from the second luxury stores and Central stores in Japan, and then they return to China.

However, in recent years, the development of the second -hand luxury industry has also made venture capital institutions began to pay attention to this early industry. In March of this year, the second -hand luxury live broadcast e -commerce “Fei Fish” announced the completion of nearly $ 30 million in Series B financing; in May this year, Master Bao announced the completion of the B -round and B+round of financing; Objects of $ 50 million in rounds of financing; Top player in another second -hand luxury platform, Red Bolin, completed 5 rounds of financing within 5 years.

The expansion of capital entry and second -hand luxury platforms brings the “inner rolls” of the entire industry. “Now the price of the goods has been fried, because there are too many people.” Li Hong said that the domestic moderate bags are mainly from Japan and Thailand. In recent years, domestic merchants have piled up overseas buying overseas. Began to “sit on the ground and increase the price”, and the price of goods has become more and more expensive.

Due to the “investment value” with scarcity and high premium, some merchants have revealed that after capital enrollment, large businesses have also started to sweep the goods in Japan and France. LV postman bags can almost empty large foreign medium -sized stores at one time, and then hoard the goods. When the market is hot at high price, it sells at high prices. “We originally made a big name in the big name, and we didn’t do it this year. The big platform is optimistic about this market, and we can even take out tens of millions or hundreds of millions of funds to purchase, so that our small sellers can’t play at all.” A seller admitted.

“The second luxury merchants in Japan felt the price of the wind, and they also raised the price, and some even hidden well -colored goods. In the past, the old and ancient bags were particularly cheap. The price is also very expensive. “Li Hong said with emotion,” In a few years, the supply of Japanese merchants is almost consumed, and they can make a few years. Most of them are relying on buyers to resign, or travel to each other. “


In Beijing, some medieval “old shops” in Nanluoguxiang were also moved away and closed down, which were replaced by new and more “expensive” second -hand luxury stores. Some players also felt a faint sadness. In their opinion, after the “Middle Ages” was hot, the original “retro culture” style was gradually fading. Middle -aged products themselves, once the frontier of fashion, reflect a personalized independent aesthetic, but now it has become the battlefield of “the public”.

“Many people used to buy medieval products to pursue special, but now this market is no longer in the past. Many people are just following the trend when buying Middle Ages. You can still see its beauty when it is not hot. It belongs to you, what you really like. “Li Hong said.

(At the request of the interviewees, Li Ying, Chen Yuan, and Li Hong are all pseudals)

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