The scale reaches 100 billion! The spring of the male clothing customization market is here?

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Zhang Cheng, who has worked for ten years, has become the leader of the department from a green guy, accompanied by the growing and round belly with age and experience. Because he went out to talk and entertain all year round, Zhang Cheng’s wardrobe was full of suit shirts, but he was more and more worried about buying clothes. The clothes that met the height of height could not be wrapped in the big belly.

For men like Zhang Cheng, the enthusiasm of choosing clothes is far less than women. When standardized garments cannot meet the non -standardized figure, custom -made clothing that fits and meets identity positioning has become a choice for many men with business clothes.

In fact, the field of clothing customization has always existed in the form of small workshops in the domestic market. Under the impact of the domestic traditional factories’ mass production model, the clothing customization industry appears to be extremely low -key due to its low efficiency and low unit price.


However, with the operating problems of mass -produced clothing production and marketing companies, it has led to a large number of problems such as surgery. Starting from the needs of consumers, the clothing customization industry empowerment has made new vitality. The C2M mode (user direct company) has become one of the direction of the development and transformation of the clothing industry.

In the Internet era, what new stories can the original low -key clothing custom industry be written under technical empowerment?

Baihua’s clothing customized market

Affected by the impact of e -commerce and fast -moving consumer goods, and the influence of the epidemic in recent years, the offline stores of many clothing brands have ushered in the “closing tide”. Because the traditional large -scale clothing production and marketing model cannot estimate market demand, adjust the market changes in a timely manner, which can easily cause the inventory backlog.

In contrast to the declining clothing production and sales model, the domestic clothing customization market has shown a trend of rapid growth.


According to relevant forecast data, the scale of China’s clothing customized market will reach 217.42 billion yuan in 2021, and it will rise against the trend under the background of weak overall performance in the industry. According to market research, it is predicted that the size of my country’s clothing customized market in 2022 will exceed 260 billion yuan.

At present, there are two main models of enterprises on the market for customized clothing exploration. One is the O2O model. Users through online or offline clothes, customized enterprises to obtain data after production after production are sent to consumers through their own or third -party factories; the other is the C2M model. The M -end clothing manufacturing factory, that is, “do it and do it.” In contrast, the C2M model directly eliminates the intermediate business links, with fewer restrictions in all aspects and more efficient operations.


The clothing customization industry ushered in a variety of players, including comprehensive e -commerce platforms, vertical players, traditional clothing brands, etc., all wanted to occupy the leading before this emerging field.

From the perspective of comprehensive e -commerce platforms, Internet companies such as Ali,, Meitu, and Vipshop have tried the “clothing customization” market. Ali has also launched the “rhino -intellectual manufacturing factory”, which is customized and personalized. The new manufacturing industry.

From the perspective of vertical players, representing the company’s “Code Customization” integrates technology such as the Internet, artificial intelligence and big data with traditional clothing sales models to create a business model of C2M reverse customization, which can realize the “3 -minute AI volume volume. Body, complete customization on 7 working days. “

The second is a traditional clothing manufacturing plant with the advantages of manufacturing. For example, the company, which has successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Science and Technology Board, was previously a traditional clothing manufacturing company. After years of upgrading and transformation, it can now provide services with “one person, one version, online weight, and 7 -day clothing”.

The third is a traditional clothing brand with brand advantages. For example, the clothing brand Tibu and Microsoft Xiaobing created a live broadcast called “Everyone is an artist”, showing fans a new feature of special custom clothing design to fans. And with the help of artificial intelligence technology, let consumers communicate with AI, so as to customize their own uniform.

Due to the technical advantages of digital or manufacturing, Internet companies and clothing manufacturing factories usually use the C2M model. But often Internet companies are better in technology, so they can complete the manufacturing process of customized clothing faster.

Can AI customization become a new trend of clothing customization


For men consumers who do not like shopping and pick clothes to try clothes, intelligent online customization has become their new choice.

Enter the characteristic information of the body, such as height, weight, waist, shoulder shape, chest shape, abdominal type, back type, etc., and then choose the style you want to buy. Within seven days, the platform can customize a shirt that fully meets your figure Essence This is what the men’s clothing customization platform is customized by code.

It is understood that the Code is customized in 2016. With men’s shirts as the starting point, the power of social marketing and small programs has accumulated more than 100,000 paid users. On September 28, Code Customized announced the completion of tens of millions of B+rounds of financing. Previously, he quickly completed the Pre-A, round A+round financing in one year, and there were many high-end capital led in the investment team. Gao Rong Capital, Shunwei Capital and other institutions.

When it comes to intelligent customization, there may be three points for consumers to look forward to: trust, convenience and cost -effectiveness.


First of all, the non -contact on -line non -contact is compared to offline measuring tailoring may cause consumers to have a sense of distrust and doubt the accuracy of the online. “In fact, compared to artificial measurement, the calculation of big data of the machine may be more accurate.” Qian Baoxiang, the founder of Code Shang, introduced to the entrepreneurial state that consumers only need to enter their own height and weight in the small program mall, and choose to meet For pictures of their body characteristics, the machine can calculate the precise data of consumers through the relevant characteristic data. The more times you buy, the more you know the big data, the less options you face, and the more accurate the size of the clothes.

In terms of convenience, Qian Baoxiang introduced that the data customized in the data of consumers will make a technical drawing to the processing plant. The technical workers are customized according to the style of one person and one version. Send it to consumers within the day. At the same time, Code Customer has also formed a after -sales team to collect consumers’ feedback, which can be “dissatisfied and satisfied.”

Finally, the cost of cost. The cost of thousands of people in thousands of people has indeed risen in labor and logistics costs, but to a certain extent solve the problem of the backlog of factory inventory, eliminating the difference between the middlemen to make the difference, and the final selling price is not higher than the garment.

According to reports, according to the different fabrics, a customized shirt is priced at around 199 yuan to 699 yuan. “The only cost that consumers pay more may be the time cost of waiting, but with the improvement of efficiency, the customized time is constantly compressed.” Qian Baoxiang said.

In addition, clothing customization can also be used to achieve the most fabrics. Code is customized in 2019 to launch a kaleidoscopic project, disassembling the various parts of the clothing into a module, and through different arrangement and combination of combinations, to maximize SKU.

According to reports, Code Customer has surrendered the results of the monthly sales exceeding 150,000 shirts. At present, code -customized product categories have expanded product categories to men’s suits, casual trousers, sweater, jackets, coats and other fields.

Historically, clothing customization has always existed in the form of small workshops, and high -end clothing customized brands are expected to be available. How to customize clothing and scale and scale is also a problem in front of clothing custom enterprises.

Clothing custom enterprises need to balance product prices and quality, popularization and profitability, precise production and production convenience, accurately grasp their own audience, and find their appropriate positioning.

However, in the trend of industry reform and technology empowerment, it is an irreversible trend to provide consumers with better products and services.

Traditional clothing factories have begun to reflect on and accept change, and actively embrace the clothing customization industry, which is an opportunity to seize Internet entrepreneurs.

After the people who dare to eat crabs crushed the ceiling, their peers will inevitably catch up. A new siege warfare in the clothing customization industry may have been ready to go.

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