“Putting on short and not long”, “Choose thick heels and not choose fine heels” is the law of wearing boots this winter

In the cold winter, most people can’t do without a pair of boots when the concave shape, not only keep warm, but also make the dress more stylish. However, there are too many winter boots. Improper picking will not only improve the difficulty of matching, but also make your dress less fashionable. This is why there is a big difference between ordinary people and fashion bloggers.

So how should ordinary people choose boots and make them the finishing touch in dress? The answer is “wearing a short and not long”, “Choose a thick heel and not choose a fine heel”. This is the rule of wearing boots this winter. Let’s take a look together!

1. Wear short and not long

No matter what items wearing in winter, ordinary people must consider the length of length, such as from coats, pants, skirts to boots. They should choose the length that suits themselves, with flexible and practical lengths, especially if they are not satisfied with the figure and leg shape. Middle -aged girl.

Regarding the length of the boots, the most common in winter is the three types of short boots, knee boots, or over -the -knee boots. Most of the short boots are near ankle or calf belly. The knee boots are about 2 cm below the knee, and the knee boots are above the knee.


Following the difficulty of matching, it is definitely the order of over -knee boots> knee boots> short boots, especially small children, try to avoid long boots that are easy to press, and use short boots to shape the stylish and neat winter shape.


On the one hand, the choice of short boots is because it does not have much requirements for body and matching skills. It is suitable for ordinary and not high -headed wearing newbies. Moreover, short boots are much richer than long boots. sense.

On the other hand, because the short boots are more practical, and ordinary people must choose a pair of short boots that can be built through the wardrobe when choosing shoes.


The short boots can basically combine all kinds of underwear, from small pants to cigarette pants, from cone pants to straight pants, to various half -body long skirts, and a pair of short boots are all done.

However, there are many limitations on the matching of long boots. Especially for short -legged people, there is no extra choice except for short skirts and shorts. Like knee skirts, boots will bring a sense of burden.

2. Choose thick heels and do not choose thin follow

What kind of effect can a pair of boots present, not only looking at the length, but also the boots and boots. Here we mainly talk about the most influential boots to the small girls.

Cat heels, fine heels, medium thick heels, thick heels, or flat -bottomed boots are the most common in winter. The styles of different boots are different. The mature women’s aura emphasizing the fierce atmosphere, the flat boots are comfortable and generous, but these boots are also insufficient.

The femininity presented by cat heel boots is too strong, fine heels are not easy to control, and flat boots do not increase.


Compared with other boots, the rough heels have obvious dullness, which not only enhances the stability of the boots, but also makes the dress more textured and will not give people a sense of light fluttering.

Especially the medium -rough heel boots with moderate length, practical and neat, from sweater to coats, from suits to trench coat, from over -knee skirts to various pants, you can combine a pair of thick heel boots.

Third, when wearing thick -heeled boots, how to use the matching to enhance the sense of fashion?


Choose a pair of thick -heeled boots in winter, which can let you open away from ordinary people. If you want to further pull closer to fashion bloggers, then you need to make articles in matching.


1. Relying on the technique of smooth color system


The advantage of medium -rough heel boots is that it is stable and high, and choosing thick -heeled boots with the same color as trousers, inside, or coats can further shape the long straight leg line and make the shape more stylish.

It is recommended that black, white, beige, or coffee -colored boots here are recommended. Echoing the color of a single product in the dress is not only unusual, but also shows the sense of detail.


2. Pay attention to the connection between the boots and the bottom

When using thick heels or skirts, if you don’t want to wear a sense of layering, then everyone needs to pay attention to the connection between the boots and the bottom.

For a simple example, if you choose cone -shaped trousers, it is recommended to connect the thick heel tubes and short boots, and the wide and narrow combination of the ankle is slim.

3. Raise the waistline

Although the thick -heeled boots in winter are practical, it is not a universal item. The thick heel design is more measured than the thin heel design. If your head is not high, then when you use thick heels with coats or short coats, you need to raise it by raising it by raising it. The waistline is located to divert the sight.

For example, with high -waisted micro -jeans, high -waisted straight jeans, or high -waisted cigarette pipe trousers combined with thick -heeled boots to further extend the leg line.

4. Enhance the sense of lightness


To resolve the bulky feeling of thick -heeled boots, in addition to raising the waistline, you can also improve the lightness by combining skirts. It can be seen from the above that thick heels are not only practical and highly practical. It is also very practical. In winter, use it to create a look, and you will definitely meet a more beautiful self!

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