Smart technology life further Aqara real wireless house smart lighting system debut

Smart technology life further Aqara real wireless house smart lighting system debut, May 21st. On the 20th, Smart Home Enterprise Green Mi Lianchuang AQARA released a real wireless full -house smart lighting solution. This scheme covers high -end panels, downlights, spotlights, lights, drivers and controllers, etc., all of which are creating a more intelligent and technological life for users.

It is reported that new products can bring warm and comfortable home environment to users in conjunction with other smart products. Whenever the user gets home, the light of the porch can slowly light up, and then the lights in the living room can be turned on and staying in the user’s favorite state. Light, avoid strong light that users are not adapted, and reduce visual physiological stimuli for users …

AQARA believes that light is a very important factor in home life. For the entire AQARA ecosystem, the real wireless full -house intelligent lighting solution launched this time is also a very important step. AQARA products originally made great efforts in environmental perception and equipment control. With the improvement of the quality of life, users are no longer satisfied with switching lights, and they pay more attention to how to bring better control methods to users.

To this end, the entire light product line released this time not only improves AQARA’s product matrix, but also combines strong combination with other smart products. For the porch, living room, bedroom, kitchen, restaurant and bathroom in the house, create a better AQARA intelligence intelligence. Home system.

In AQARA’s understanding, lighting is the bond between users and home space. The appropriate light, warm light, and comfortable light are very helpful for users’ physical and health. For this reason, users are more intelligent for home lighting, that is, “suitable for different positions and different times.”

Excellent products are always solving the pain points of users. AQARA Zhen wireless house intelligent lighting solutions provide different light solutions for different positions of users. For example, the method of light switch, the original lighting is controlled by switching, lighting and extinguishing are instantaneous. Through AQARA real wireless house intelligent lighting solution, the light can be turned on slowly, extinguished slowly, and the user’s vision. Feeling is more comfortable; at the same time, different positions in different positions are different, such as the light in the morning and night, the living room, and the light of the bedroom will be different. The diversification of the lighting environment, users have more choices of linkage effects.

Not only that, AQARA real wireless full -house lighting can make ordinary lamps more intelligent, but also allows consumers to retain the original lamps that have personalized preferences. Use the controller not only to adapt to various traditional ceiling lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., but also can also realize the intelligent lighting of atmosphere lamps such as light bands, downlights, and shooting lights, so that the brightness, color and color temperature of the whole house lights Realize automatic and natural switching according to time, status and specific scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that the adjustment of the light does not require users to adjust each time with the APP. With other smart products such as curtains, door locks, air conditioners, etc., the whole house linkage can be achieved. The lighting of the curtains can be achieved, and the lighting of the lights can be achieved.

In addition, AQARA real wireless full -house lighting can perfectly access the Apple HomeKit ecosystem to enrich the whole house with Apple smart home devices.

For a long time, AQARA is highly consistent with the values ​​of comfort and convenient consumer groups. The characteristics of this group are more important to pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of life. To this end, AQARA has been committed to creating products that match it with the idea of ​​”improving users’ convenience and experience”. (Finish)


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