Inherited the TCM treasures of skin diseases for thousands of years -black pumping stick, have you heard of it?

Inherited the TCM treasures of skin diseases for thousands of years -black pumping stick, have you heard of it?

Chinese medicine leather surgery

Mr. Zhao Bingnan is the founder and founder of modern Chinese medicine skin surgery

, TCM treasure developed by him personally–

Black stick

It has made great contributions to the clinical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine skin surgery.

Director Mao Kechen Director TCM

Capital Medical University

Department of Pharmacy, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Chief physician Zhou Dongmei

Department of Dermatology, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

Developed by Mr. Zhao Bingnan

It is the reform of traditional black plaster dosage type. The dressing of plaster mounting is removed, and it is directly made into a stick shape to make the operation more convenient and more widely used.

Black cream sticks are “babies” often used by leather surgeons. They have good therapeutic effects on clinical conventional skin diseases and chronic dermatitis, warts on the soles, and viral infection of skin diseases.

Black pull cream

Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, passing the meridians, activating, detoxifying and dispersing


Skin disease caused by poor qi and blood, skin hyperplasia, wet poison, etc.

Have a good treatment effect.

Among them, the ingredients of a variety of botanical medicines, animal drugs and mineral medicines can be

Activating blood circulation, Tongluo, analgesic, detoxifying, dispersing knots and promoting penetration

The role, and the black stick stick is needed

After heating

Use, with the help of warm power, can make the effect better.

Making a black cream stick is still a technical job. Craft divided into

Putting on stoves, explosives, refining, lowering, making plaster sticks

For the process, more than a dozen masters who are proficient in manufacturing craftsmanship will also take about two weeks to produce qualified black cream sticks.

Feel so on with a close range of traditional Chinese medicine treasures ~

In 2018, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University

Black patch sticks enter the traditional Chinese medicine traditional preparation intangible cultural heritage

The declaration work is a kind of protection and inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, and it is also the most high respect for Mr. Zhao Bingnan.

Black stick

Black stick

Black stick

Capital Medical University

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