It is easy to use, can it be expanded? Bontrager commute, travel backpack evaluation

It is easy to use, can it be expanded? Bontrager commute, travel backpack evaluation

In daily commuting and short -distance travel, we often need a backpack that is good -looking, but it is not easy to choose a good backpack. For commuting backpacks, not only the face value must be high, but also the pocket distribution must also be reasonable, so that users can shuttle with large and small portable items at ease. For travel backpacks, in addition to good appearance, strong and durable, the most important thing is that the space is sufficient and can install all the items needed for short -distance travel.

If you are still struggling with how these two types of backpacks are selected, then the commute backpack and travel backpack launched by Bontrager in June deserve good consideration. Not much nonsense, immediately enter the BONTRAGER commute and travel backpack evaluation.

Bontrager commute backpack

First of all, share the needs of Xiaobian’s commute backpack: 1. Can install at least 15 inches of laptop computers and provide sufficient protection; 2. There are various types of independent pockets of different sizes, you can put headphones, documents and other various types Small items are placed in an orderly manner; 3. The main pocket can put down at least one pair of shoe, a set of cycling clothes, and a helmet riding equipment to meet the needs of 4+2 on a single day.

For the first time, I got the Bontrager commute backpack. The appearance of the gray fabric won the love of the science and engineering men like Xiaobian. It seems that people feel durable and dirty, suitable for a complex commute environment.

According to the official data, the capacity of the Bontrager commute backpack is 18L and the size is 34cm x 20cm x 45cm. It will appear empty when carrying a small amount of items daily, but when needed, the Bontrager commute backpack can give you sufficient support.

▲ The logo of the bontrager is sutured below the side of the bag, the texture is good

On the campus, the student party often goes to the playground as soon as it is lost; and when entering the society, the social animals may take out the laptop by the road at any time and put the bag directly on the ground and start working overtime. This is a test of the backpack. Abrasion resistance. The hem and bottom of the Bontrager commute backpack are covered with dark wear -resistant materials. It is firmly protected by holding the bottom of the bag, which is easy to clean.

The side bag is a very practical design that can be put in kettles, folding umbrellas and other items, and the side bag of Bontrager commute backpack is used to use a magnetic absorption port. Put your mobile phone when riding. Lightly open it to get it quickly.

The side bags of the Bontrager commute backpack are wide and deep, and they can be discharged into two bottles of mineral water. They can steadily wrap the large -capacity cycling kettle. In the long -term use experience of Xiaobian, these two side bags can be said to be said to be It is full of security, as small as the camera battery, as large as a pack of paper, and can be stuffed in anytime, anywhere.

The front small pocket zipper of the Bontrager commute backpack is well protected. Xiaobian usually puts more flat items such as spare masks here.

Open the next zipper to open the “hidden space”. Because the zipper of this pocket is only one -sided and can be hidden in the side bag, Xiaobian often forgets its existence. This pocket is suitable for stationery, notepads and other items, and even a “bag in the bag” to accommodate valuables.

▲ The inner wall of the backpack is bright yellow, so that you can quickly find the objects you need

The upper pocket of the Bontrager commute backpack uses wool lining, which can be placed with mobile phones and glasses. At the same time, the position of this pocket is suspended above the main pocket. As long as the backpack is not too full, it will not be squeezed into the items inside, so that you can quickly pull out the need at any time, which is very convenient.

The main pocket has two zippers, which can be opened in any direction of the left and right. There is a large and small elastic mesh pocket in the interior. You can plug some flat items and avoid shaking. At the same time, the internal space of this main pocket is very sufficient. You can allow you to use your imagination. To maximize the use of space through reasonable placement, it can fully meet the commute needs of most people. Put it in a day or two to change clothes to a fast trip. Not talking about it.

The pocket close to the back can accommodate the maximum 17 -inch laptop computer. What surprises Xiaobian most is that this pocket has a complete wool lining, which can bring comprehensive protection. In the past, when I was carrying a laptop, I put the computer in the inner biliary bag and put it into the bag. Now the BONTRAGER commute backpack is in place. Putting in the bare metal can also be at ease. “The surface was scratched.

▲ The effect is as shown in the figure. Putting a 15.4 -inch notebook computer is more than enough

It is worth mentioning that it is not only an ordinary commuting backpack. Bontrager’s brand attributes make it a backpack suitable for riding commute. The two ergonomic pads can take care of the support of the back and waist. The width and thickness of the shoulder band are appropriate. After adjustment, the backpack can fit the back during cycling, which is both beautiful and comfortable. However, this backpack does not design a ventilation system, so after exercise, the back is prone to sweating, so it is not suitable for ride on the sun for a long time.

The magnetic buckle is another bright design of the Bontrager commute backpack. It is not convenient for traditional insertion to operate with one -handed operation when riding. Time to open and close.

▲ Different from the magnetic buckle that is unlocked on the helmet, the magnetic buckle of the BONTRAGER commute backpack can be unlocked by squeezing

To be honest, if you do not need to carry a lot of items when commuting, then the Bontrager commute backpack is still a bit big. But if you want to choose a universal backpack, you can put it in daily commuting items, but also transform into a “four -dimensional pocket” when needed, and you can put everything in your brain, then this backpack can fully meet your needs. For those who take a full set of cycling equipment from time to time, the BONTRAGER commute backpack is satisfactory.

Regardless of walking or cycling, the BONTRAGER commute backpack is relatively comfortable to carry the back, and the self -weight is not large. With the simple appearance, it belongs to the versatile and easy -to -use backpack style. Matching such a multi -purpose, strong and durable backpack in daily study and work and life can definitely save you a lot of heart. Even if you have used it for many years, I believe that the Bontrager commute backpack will still be a good partner in your life.

Bontrager travel backpack

There are usually two types of people in short journey: one is empty -shoulder, pushing a small suitcase to go the world; the other is to hang all luggage on the shoulders, commonly known as backpackers …

The editor feels that although the suitcase is easy, it cannot be completely liberated. Although it is convenient to use the backpack luggage, it will make people difficult to follow, and the appearance of the Bontrager travel backpack will make the editor see a new choice.

First of all, the official data, the capacity of the BONTRAGER travel backpack is 25L, and the size meets the requirements of most airlines’ portable baggage. At first glance, it is not large. In fact, there are great inside.

▲ Exquisite BONTRAGER small standard

The surface of the BONTRAGER travel backpack uses the same wear -resistant material as the commuting backpack. The difference is that the dark hem of the travel backpack is thicker woven fabric, which is softer as a whole.

▲ The front pocket on the front is almost the same as the commute backpack, and the interior is also a high visibility lining

▲ Putting into a noise -canceling headset, allowing you to enjoy a quietness on the journey at any time

▲ The top of the BONTRAGER travel backpack is also equipped with wool lining pockets, which is suitable for putting in mobile phones, glasses and other items

▲ The front pocket can be opened, which is suitable for the reading objects on the journey, which is convenient for getting

If you add a lever, the BONTRAGER travel backpack is properly a soft shell suitcase. The side handle design gives you one more posture, which is convenient to quickly pass security inspection or put in a car trunk.

The main pocket zipper around the bag has a larger non -slip rope, which is convenient to catch it quickly with your fingers, and it is very smooth to use.

Open the BONTRAGER travel backpack. The inside uses zipper mesh to separate two storage spaces, similar to the suitcase, which can separate different clothes and items.

▲ In addition to the mesh cloth, the bundle band inside the Bontrager travel backpack can help you better fix the items, and you can place it in an orderly manner.

▲ Carrying effect

The most surprising thing is that the BONTRAGER travel backpack has a capacity expansion function. Just pull the next layer of independent zipper to increase the thickness of 6 cm to further expand the loading capacity.

▲ Pulling the expansion zipper around the bag can unlock the hidden space

▲ Comparison of effect before and after expansion

After the capacity expansion, the main warehouse space of the BONTRAGER travel backpack is further expanded, so that you can plug in the shoes such as shoes that are thick and cannot be folded. At the same time, the capacity of the capacity is close to the back, and it is more stable when placing large items.

▲ The wool lining pocket that can accommodate the maximum 17 -inch laptop, the BONTRAGER travel backpack can be said to be a short -distance trace artifact

▲ The soft wool lining can provide the maximum protection

▲ Details of zipper storage

After accommodating more and more important items, the carrying system is very important. The Bontrager travel backpack not only has a wide shoulder strap, but also the waist band. After proper adjustment, you can firmly tie the backpack on the user to reduce shaking.

▲ There is a larger contact area of ​​the shoulder band, which can disperse the pressure

▲ When not needed, the waist band can store the compartment at the bottom, making the backpack look more neat. Such a small detail must be given a praise

The bands of the Bontrager travel backpack are full of elastic rings. After adjusting the length of the band, the excess part can be folded and stored. There will be no long beam to wave when you walk around.

During the use of several months, the BONTRAGER travel backpack effectively improved the travel experience. For Xiaobian, when you go out, you only need to bring to change clothes, wash products, and necessary electronic products, documents and other items that match the number of days. Therefore , Can emancipate your hands forward, don’t worry about the balance and resistance of traditional suitcases when dragging quickly. Of course, if you carry items such as cameras such as cameras, Xiaobian will still recommend using a safer hard shell suitcase.

In general, this is two backpacks with each director. If you want to use a backpack in your life to solve most of the problems, then the good BONTRAGER commute backpack will be your best choice. Although the BONTRAGER travel backpack cannot be used as a daily backpack, it can play a great role on the journey of lighting. If you have this demand, it is worth considering.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about travel earplugs, hope it can help you.

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