What changes their bodies every day when a woman eats a grain of vitamin C every day? Can you eat it for a long time?

What changes their bodies every day when a woman eats a grain of vitamin C every day? Can you eat it for a long time?

Everyone should have heard of the name of vitamin C. From an early age, parents have heard of our parents in our ears. What are the benefits of it? What if you eat a grain of vitamin C every day?

Case 1: For whitening, women eat vitamin C every day, increased from one capsule to 3 capsules.

Ms. Lai is nearly forty years old and pays more and more attention to skin problems. In the past six months, she found that she had a lot of spots on her face. She was very anxious inside and urgently hoped to whiten. It was useless to apply mask every day. Later, I heard that eating vitamin C can whiten. So I started trying. After a period of time, the skin improved, but the effect was not obvious, so she increased the dose and suffered from kidney stones.

The doctor explained that it was mainly because there were too many vitamin C taken by Ms. Lai, the kidneys could not be fully metabolized, and the excess vitamin C could not be absorbed, and finally the stones were deposited.

Case 2: I thought vitamin C could improve immunity, but after eating for a week, it caused diarrhea and abdominal distension.

Another patient, Ms. Wang, felt that she was too poorly immune and her body was very weak, so I bought a few boxes of vitamin C with my friends. I thought the more the more effective, the better. Abdominal distension and other conditions, I had to stop taking it to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor reminded that vitamin C is only a link of immunity. It is not obvious to add this effect. It is better to replenish it through diet. The intake of nutrients is more comprehensive. Fruit, vegetables, fruits can provide enough nutrition for the human body. Generally, no additional supplements are required. Essence

Because many merchants’ wrong propaganda has caused people to understand vitamin C errors. They believe that it can help them solve many problems and did not figure out their own.

Physical fit and not suitable

I don’t know myself

Do you need to add

It is not RMB. The more you eat, the better, and the excessive use will cause harm.

Taking vitamin C excessive use will bring 2 side effects, and cannot be taken for a long time

Generally, 100 mg is sufficient every day, and there is vitamin C in food, which is not so easy to lack. by

Orange juice and tomato juice

For example, full cups are 125 ml, orange juice and tomato juice can provide 85 mg and 33 mg, which means that drinking a cup of orange juice will probably meet the needs of one day.

If an additional pharmaceutical supplement, eating one or even 3 capsules, it is easy to exceed the standard, and the side effects will appear one after another.

For example, nutrients are uneven, too much vitamin C, other nutritional ratio will be unbalanced, and it will also affect the absorption of trace elements. It is difficult to see that the nutritional unevenness is difficult to see in a short period of time. After discovery, it may have symptoms of discomfort, and it takes more time to condition.

Another example is kidney stones, because there are too many vitamin C, some can only be metabolized in the form of oxalic acid, and oxalic acid is easily precipitated in the kidney during metabolism, and finally a stones are formed.


Vitamin C cannot be eaten for a long time

Unless the doctor prescribes the drug for you to treat a certain disease, it is not recommended to buy and take it by yourself. If you really feel that your immunity is poor and not white enough, it may be more useful as a balanced diet and sunscreen.

Who needs to supplement vitamin C? What should I add?

Research on “Nutrition Magazine” said,

Middle -aged and elderly people should properly supplement vitamin C

It has a improvement effect on enhancing muscle strength and strengthening bone strength. Because young and elderly people usually eat less fruits and vegetables, coupled with their prone to digestive tract problems, it is easy to lack vitamin C, and this nutrition cannot be synthesized by itself, and can only be supplemented by the outside world.

The method of supplementing is also very simple, that is, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Do not picky eaters, eat everything to ensure enough fruits and vegetables, and the vitamin content is considerable.

There is no regular diet, and people who often work overtime should also pay attention to supplement

, I always ca n’t eat enough, or eat a lot of meat, pay attention to replenishing fruit and vegetable intake. In addition, people who stay up late for overtime are easy to precipitate melanin and fatigue, and vitamin C can promote metabolism and relieve fatigue, so it can be appropriately supplemented.

People who smoke frequently

The body content is easy to deposit harmful substances, supplementing vitamin C can improve the ability to remove the lungs, also strengthen the body’s antioxidant, reduce the level of inflammation, and make the blood vessels healthier. However, it should be noted that it cannot prevent cigarettes damage to the body, and it is limited to the beneficial ingredients of the body, so it cannot be supplemented with too much.

It is recommended that you eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Infants and young children can be fed in the way of fruit puree and vegetable mud, crushing apples, bananas, etc. into paste, or slowly scrape them with spoons. of. Elderly people’s teeth are not good, and fruit and fruits and vegetables with small fiber and small fiber, such as

Banana, mangosteen, kiwi, tomatoes, western blue flowers, peas, potatoes

Wait, it is more convenient to taste.

If the vegetables can be eaten raw, then the salt water is soaked and drained and eats it. Try not to fry.

Fried skewers, spicy spicy

It is easy to cause vitamin C in vegetables to lose. Many vegetables start to be cooked a bit, don’t be hot.

In general, if the usual diet is normal, fruits and vegetables love to eat, so you don’t need to eat an additional pills multiple times. Even if you want to eat it, you must follow the doctor’s guidance. In special circumstances, you need to further strengthen nutrition, and you need to supplement at this time. Healthy people should not eat it for a long time to prevent side effects.

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