Meng Mengda’s small animal mask turns your heart, whitening and moisturizing can not be mistaken, and you choose carefully in summer masks!

Meng Mengda’s small animal mask turns your heart, whitening and moisturizing can not be mistaken, and you choose carefully in summer masks!

In summer, the popular mask is definitely you can’t underestimate. Think of the color spots, dull, dry, rough … At this time, the best emergency skin care products will definitely think of the mask

Speaking of the skin film method that enables the skin

Now let’s start using the mask to supplement the energy of the skin and eliminate the various problems of the skin!


Talking about the mask, I believe that VGIRLS still pays more attention to functional choices. Whitening and moisturizing generally are the most important points for everyone.

Next, we will analyze the small key points of whitening and moisturizing

Solve the trouble for everyone

Warm Tip TIPS

The problem of solving the imbalance of skin water and oil

A refreshing and moisturizing effect for skin hydration

The moisturizing in early summer refuses to be sticky

Too heavy texture will cause the skin to have a sense of burden, choose a refreshing and moisturizing mask!

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BIODERMA hydromically bright skin moisturizing mask 288 yuan (75ml)

AQUAGENIUM® water -rich patented formula injects moisture into each water deficiency cell to solve the dull skin and sensitive phenomenon.

InnISFREE Green Tea Moisturizing Mask 40 yuan (6 tablets)

Catechins contained in green tea, minerals and vitamin ingredients are skin supplements, helping the skin to restore the original energy.

H2O+ Ocean Hydraulic Evening Mask

Continuing the moisturizing power of the oasis moisturizing series, it can greatly increase skin water storage and soften the skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Oil Control Mask 195 yuan (100ml)

Contains vitamin original B5 and seaweed essence. Tea tree oil can effectively improve acne acne, inhibit the secretion of oil, and keep the skin refreshing and soft.

LANCaster’s deeds and oxygen moisturizing mask 390 yuan (50ml)

It has triple care effects and magical “activation microcirculation formulas”, which improves the skin to increase detox micro -circulation -oxygen nourishing -water lock moisturizing.

Laneige night repair sleep mask 230 yuan (70ml)

Unique memory of gel texture, strengthening skin firmness and elasticity, and improving the skin’s own health capacity during sleep.


Eliminate the dullness and yellowish skin of the skin! Create a perfect flawless bright white skin. In the early summer, you must have translucent skin to be beautiful. Use a mask with whitening and bright skin to help reshape the white muscle!

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In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Animal Sheet Facial Mask, hope it can help you.

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