Xiaomi Youpin sells 13999 yuan Wiha master toolbox, crowdfunding “water power floating board”

Xiaomi Youpin sells 13999 yuan Wiha master toolbox, crowdfunding “water power floating board”

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Xiaomi Youpin recently launched a Wiha master toolbox, and 106 home tools imported from Germany, which were priced at 13,999 yuan.

This Wiha master toolbox is an insulation set. More than 80%of the products in the box have VDE certification, which can ensure the safety of professional and non -professional users when coming with power.

These tools use ergonomic design, which can effectively reduce labor intensity, protect arms, shoulders and necks, and prevent labor damage.

The bottom of each handle has a specification logo, which is convenient for users to identify and select. It also built -in tools such as multi -purpose flashlight, multi -purpose horizontal ruler, etc., which are practical and convenient.

In addition, a portable maintenance suit is equipped with three types of grip, built -in Softfinish, Picofinsh, Stubby, and 18 types of batch heads and 8 types of HDE certified.

These tools are more like artworks, not for repairing things. They can be used as luxury goods. It can be said that the Hermes -level existence in the toolbox.

The biggest highlight of this product is the built -in 300W submarine pump dual motor propeller. The speed can be up to 1.3 meters per second. Use a double -key start -stop design. Enjoy water activities.

In terms of shape, this water -powered floating plate is built with battles in the deep sea. It uses new EPP foam materials to take into account lightweight and high elasticity. You can leave it as soon as you open it, which is convenient to carry.

At the same time, it also combines ergonomic engineering. The edge of the wavy streamlined line is used to upgrade the fit with the arms to make users use more casual and more comfortable experience; supplemented by fluid mechanics water balance design, which can scientifically allocate gravity and buoyancy, touch the bottom to touch at the bottom The water surface is smooth and round, and it still performs smoothly in the face of water pressure and water flow.

In terms of battery life, this water -powered floating plate uses 24V 4AH high -performance waterproof lead battery modules, which can provide ultra -long battery life for operation. At one time, users can have a 40 -minute free travel experience.

It is worth mentioning that it also uses a battery warehouse design with easy disassembly and waterproof. Users can prepare multiple batteries and replace it at any time, which greatly extend the battery life to ensure the play experience.

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