The 5 scams about the car are not as thin as you are as thin as you

The 5 scams about the car are not as thin as you are as thin as you

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This article analyzes the 5 pseudo knowledge of the car circle. I believe that after understanding, it will help everyone to treat the car correctly and rationally.

No matter how thin the steel plate is, it is not as thin as you

The steel plate is thin and thick is a common topic. I used to “eat chicken” with a friend (game: Jedi Survival). At that time, the characters of the two of our two lost some blood, but they were not damaged at all. MAN Brother said, “This game is still not real enough. If we are hanging in reality.”

Brother MAN’s friend said, “What do you think it is a Japanese car? The shell is like a paper shell.”

瞬间Man哥就想跟他理论一番,可是欲言又止,剩下的只有无奈,没办法,即使现在理性的声音越来越多,但是以钢板薄厚论安全性的人依然存在,而且就By you and me.

The so -called steel plate is a coverage of the car’s appearance. These coverage is impossible to determine the passive safety of a car. And what really determines the passive safety of a vehicle is the vehicle frame, that is, the “cage” structure of the activity space of the personnel in the car.

In other words, you buy a used car. The front bumper of this car has been hit, but the frame has been hit, but the frame is not injured. The ABC column has not been injured. The mechanical components are intact, and in a strict sense, this car is not an accident car, but these are good reasons for bargaining.

The safety performance of the passive collision of a car most rationally is to look at the collision test results of the authoritative organization, such as IIHS, E-NCAP, do not look at what the coverage of its coverage is collided, depending on the collision instantaneous fake people are in Is there any bump in the car? What is the survival space of the dummy in the car after the collision.

To sum up, the safety performance of the car is always for the people in the car, not for the car itself, such as a small area bias collision, the front of the car is rotten. Directly scrapped.

However, at the moment of the collision, the seat belt tightly held the person in the car. The airbags were completely wrapped in the human body. The human body did not meet in the car. After the collision was completed, the A -pillar did not deform. Passive and safe models.

Instead of concern to the seriousness of the car collision, it is not serious about the collision of the car in the major collision accident. , The safer the people in the car.

Including the engine sinking technology, it is said to be “I X, you see this car, and after the hit, the engine has fallen to the ground. It is terrible and can’t be bought.”

Brother, the sensor of the car will perceive the size of the power. When it is too large, it will drop the engine to the ground. If it does not fall to the ground, the engine will invade the cockpit. Squeeze inside.

Of course, it is also good for the hard covering parts, that is, in a small small accident and small collision small collision, the shaped change is small, that is, a steel plate thick car and a thin steel car collide slightly. The thin steel plate may deform It ’s going to repair the car, and the thick one may not need to be repaired.

Alas, I said so much, but Brother Man knew that the steel plate party could not listen to it.

It’s not so beautiful to install this matter

Let’s talk about it again. Many people think that the more configuration, the better, but is this really the case? There are two cases of installation. One is to compulsorize or recommend the 4S shop when buying a car. The other is to go to the 4S shop or modified store in the later period.

Two cases can be merged together. Many brands have the case of buying cars for compulsory installation. The specific installation items will be different in various places, or how good is the configuration with you? So how should we choose when facing this situation?

First of all, the price of installation in the 4S shop will be particularly expensive, especially the BBA brand is even more exaggerated. There are also two types of installation. One is to add it in the factory. It is directly handed over to the owner. This situation is okay. The craftsmanship is at least guaranteed. At most, you are the loss of the price of the price, but this kind of installation is rare.

The vast majority of the situation is that after the car arrives at the 4S shop, the 4S shop will complete the installation work. At this time, you must pay attention. You must not install it without installing it.

Here is a few examples, let’s talk about adding leather seats. Friends who are interested can take a look at the leather seats installed by friends around the 4S shop. Whether it is material or texture, it will be with the original high -profile models of the same car. The leather is a lot differentiated.

The most important thing is that if you install the leather seats, you need to remove the seats of the car. Don’t forget that you buy a new car. The newly bought car is removed in the 4S shop. Don’t respond? In addition to the response, if the technical technology of the 4S shop construction personnel is not good, there is no carefulness when installing it back, then there is a hidden safety hazard in this seat. The seat is abnormal.

The same is true for the center console screen. Once it is disassembled, once it is not installed, there is only endless abnormal noise for the owner.

There are also more advanced sounds when you buy a new car. This is even more taboo, because some speakers are on the door. The new car is bought back and has not driven 4S shops. The abnormal car, the four doors are disassembled and then reached back the abnormal noise.

As for the outside modification stores, the craftsmanship is not cheaper than the 4S shop. If the budget is sufficient and it really needs a certain configuration, you can choose such modified stores. Don’t go to the shop with bad craftsmanship, Brother Man has seen the leather seats stitching the side airbags.

There is also what it is to make the whole car and the sound of the whole car and change the sound of the whole car. Brother Man suggested that if it is an old car for a long time, it is worth it to restore it. The effect of sound insulation is minimal, and the risks that are risky are not proportional to the income.

Putting need to be rational, be cautious to modification.

The car is used to drive, not for the supply

Some people take the car as a baby after buying the car. In his world, there is nothing except the car.

This is of course a good habit of caring for your car, but after all, the car is just a tool in life. There is no need to take care of it too much. Sometimes it is not good for the car to take care of the car.

For example, if you are reluctant to drive, there is a saying that “the car is not driving, and the car is broken.” Put the car there for a long time. First of all It will be deformed. Various oils (engine oil, brake oil, and antifreeze) of the entire car also have a shelf life. After long -term parking, if the oil is over, there will be various hidden dangers.

Even if you buy a car do not often drive, you still have to start it once every 2 weeks. Go out and run, otherwise it is really bad for the car.

Another kind of person is excessive car washing. Some people can’t wait to wash it once a day. If you use a car washing solution or washing powder to wash the car, frequent car washing is very harmful to the car paint. The small sand, small dust, etc. are cleaned up, otherwise the power of high -pressure water guns is very strong. When it rushes to these small sand, it seems like pressing it hard. Small scratches.

By the way, if you want to put the car on the car, it is best to wash the car before putting it on, otherwise the body is dirty and then put on the car. When the wind is winding The middle of these sand is mixed with these sands, and you know … you know.

Therefore, the car washing should be moderate, and the car loves the car should also be rational.

The “faith” you bought is just a special offer

There are some models, which are called Chinese specialized cars, because although they are hung with joint ventures, they are only sold to China in China.

For example, such as Jetta, Santana, Langya, and Balai, all the beliefs of VW are hung, but you can’t buy them in Germany and the United States.

There are also Honda’s Lingpai, Fores of Fores, Chevrolet’s Cowotz, Buick’s Ingram, etc. are all Chinese special cars.

We are not saying that it must be bad for China. When the cars arrive at the place where consumers are invisible, the special supply of the car is even more bad, especially the performance of safety. We do not know.

Therefore, it is a bit awkward to spend a joint venture price, but it is a bit awkward psychologically. It is better to look at the same level and the same level. Buying a global model is relatively more practical.

Finally, the six -eared macaque must be killed

The six -eared macaque was the false Sun Wukong in the Journey to the West. He was eventually covered by the six -eared body by Rulai Buddha, and was covered with a golden bowl. He was killed by Sun Wukong.

There are some brands in the car industry as the first brand. The interior copy is exactly the same as the model, but Brother Man wants to say that things on the mechanical level cannot be copied forever.

For these models, MAN’s attitude is always not recommended. Can you buy a SR9 if you buy a SR9?

When the road is encountered on the road, the six -eared macaque must be killed.

Oh no, the strength of the six -eared macaques is almost the same as that of Sun Wukong, and the models of these leather tapes are just the shell of the personal home.

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