Halloween handmade is coming, and it is fun to play with children like this!

Halloween handmade is coming, and it is fun to play with children like this!

Halloween, there are many lively and fun creative elements. I believe that big friends and children are looking forward to it. In this special festival, Aqiu compiled some small parent -child handicrafts in advance.


And creativity, start the joy of handicraft creativity!

Wan Holy Festival pumpkin chapter

How can I have less pumpkin on the eve of Halloween?

The small pumpkin made of card paper is cute

Learn together!

Materials required:

Orange, green and white cardboard, scissors, rubber sticks and marks.

Production steps:

1. Orange cardboard is divided into four copies of the same size, and a total of five such size of such size is prepared.

2. As shown in the figure, fold and paste. The illustration is very detailed, so I won’t go into details one by one.

3. Make leaves and expressions with green stuck paper and white cardboard to modify pumpkin.

4. It’s done, isn’t it simple?

Make a pumpkin bag for Halloween candy,

It is also a very good choice,

Children must like it very much ~

Also need cardboard, marker pen, scissors and rubber sticks.


As shown in the figure, the folding paste modification is sufficient, and the illustration is very detailed.

Witch and Bat Chapter

It is not terrible at all, such a mini witch,

There is a little cute,

Simple cardboard can be made.

Bat made of cardboard,

It is also very simple,

Suitable for happy parent -child time with children.

Black cardboard, scissors, book order, black garbage bags, marks and disposable paper tray.

1. First of all, we use card paper to make a bat body.

2. Then come to make the wings of a bat, draw the shape and cut it and fold it.

3. Disposable paper tray cut out the outer ring and wrap it with a black garbage bag.

4. Draw the eyes of bats and sharp teeth, and the combination is completed.

More creative handmade

Materials required:

Materials required:


Product Recommendation: glue stick mini

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