Land Rover Guardian with 0-100 acceleration within 5.2 seconds

Land Rover Guardian with 0-100 acceleration within 5.2 seconds

British Land Rover announced on February 25 that it will improve the full -size unloading machine “Land Rover Guardian” and add vehicles equipped with V8 engines in its lineup.

The short body 90 and long body 110 have added a new 5.0 -liter V8. This is a powerful engine with a maximum output of 525ps and a maximum torque of 625Nm. This is combined with the adjustment of the 8 -speed AT with the adjustment of the large torque. Defender (Guardian) 90 accelerated from 0 to 100km / h in 5.2 seconds, and reached a maximum speed of 240km / h.

The suspension has also been strengthened, such as increasing the rigidity of the spring and the shock absorber to match the increased power. In addition, an electric rear differential is added to achieve the agility and good control performance close to the limit. In addition, even under the slippery road conditions, the fine -tuning “Terrestrial response 2” of the V8 can ensure dynamic dynamic performance. Even when turning, a large diameter stabilizer with a solid structure can firmly press the roller firmly.

The appearance has also been upgraded to be suitable for top models, equipped with four -row air outlet, 22 -inch alloy wheels, and sacral blue brake pliers to achieve high performance. By adapting to the exhaust system connected to the all -terrain feedback system, you can enjoy an exciting sound.

The V8 model also has a “Kalba Edition” as a more luxurious version. The flagship version of Defender (Guardian) uses unique Kalba 阡 gray and other colors. In addition, because special packaging materials are used, it is not easy to scratch, so the subject has a semi -matte effect.

In addition to the V8 settings, this improvement also makes the information entertainment system develop into the latest type with 11.4 -inch curved surface display. The external optional package has also been changed. In addition, the existing “first version” has been replaced by the new “XS version”.

British car prices ranging from 35,360 pounds of “90 hard top” to the standard Defender (Guardian) 44,825 £ 46,215 at 110.

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