Liu Yifei, 50 embroidered rose grey dress, low-key, Dior diamond necklace is inferior to handbag

I saw a group of photos of Liu Yifei wearing a Dior embroidered gown. According to the official introduction, there are 50 light pink flowers on a white background. They are not tender pink, but light rose grey with some light gray tones, which is very elegant. The dress is a long skirt with a long front and short back, which can be put on the floor. It is matched with the diamond necklace and bracelet with the rose theme of Dior Premium Jewelry Series. The handbag is a white three-dimensional bag similar to the peach beryl inlaid decoration, with a slightly modern and simple design, which balances the overall style and does not cause excessive sweetness.

In the red carpet dress, diamond necklaces and bracelets are the necessities of the show. This Dior rose and diamond suit is not luxurious. The curvilinear outline is elegant, which is quite matched with the white flower embroidered dress. The highlight is the embroidery of flowers

Rose Grey Tone


A handbag inlaid with gems

。 However, it seems that Dior’s diamond necklace is not as advanced as the handbag embedded with peach beryl gemstones.

The low-key rose grey is gradually evolved from the tourmaline pink, which is warm and soft, low-key and has a high lightweight texture. In Thorn Birds, the dress Meggie wore in her coming of age ceremony is the rose grey color as thin as gauze. It is a beautiful color with grey in light pink. The grey powder reveals a light champagne color, which is not too strong. The soft low saturation has a relaxing and comfortable effect.

Rose grey is fresh but not childish. The existence of grey tone highlights the intellectual and elegant style, which is very suitable for women to wear in the workplace. Slightly ornate fabrics will be more elegant, such as shiny velvet, satin and soft suede leather. The softness of the color is suitable for matching with different clothing accessories. The gray suit coat and the classic black and white color are both suitable. The matching of the same color system will not worry about too grand or too hard. This kind of color is especially suitable for occasions that need affinity and for people in the workplace. Of course, daily wear is also very low-key and elegant.

The matching white handbag is a simple three-dimensional round corner style. The gemstones are inlaid with peach beryl tone, and the gold metal edge is wrapped in a circle. The collocation of white gold powder makes it super clean. The peach beryl has the same temperament as rose grey in the jewelry field.

Peach beryl is also called Morgan stone. “Morganite” is a rare natural pink gem. Like emeralds and aquamarine, it belongs to the Beryl family, and can show beautiful peach, rose, pink or pink with orange tones.

In 1910, a gem grade pink “beryl” with good color and size was found on an island off the coast of Madagascar. At the same time, the same “pink beryl” was found in the Pala mining area of California, USA. In December 1910, the New York Academy of Sciences announced that this gem was named “Morganite”, taking the name of J. P. Morgan, an American financier and gem collector.

The color of “Morgan Stone” is caused by “Mn” element, which can present pink, rose, peach and Salmon. The most popular is the pink and rose tone Morgan Stone. This kind of gem is as low-key and soft as rose grey, but it has an unspeakable sense of sophistication. Color is the soul of gems, and it is also the finishing touch of clothing accessories. Breaking black and white, you can have more color matching challenges.

Liu Yifei, a rose grey dress with 50 embroidered flowers, is low-key and elegant, but this time Dior’s rose diamond necklace is not as advanced as the white handbag with peach beryl.

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