Lin Jun is outstanding! Customized 10,000 yuan seats for 17 celebrities, and once spent 200 million Taiwan dollars to buy luxury houses

Lin Jun is outstanding! Customized 10,000 yuan seats for 17 celebrities, and once spent 200 million Taiwan dollars to buy luxury houses

On December 15, Lin Junjie gave his exclusive customized game seats to 17 celebrity friends such as Jay Chou, A Xin, Xiao Jingteng, and Deng Ziqi.

Judging from the feedback received from the gifter, everyone is still very satisfied with this gift. Among them, Jay Chou also joked that sitting in this chair while playing games should win.

Judging from the photos of the game chair posted by Deng Ziqi, this custom seat not only uses purple that is different from the color matching on the market, but also embroidered the number of each chair on the side of the backrest, which is very unique.

It is reported that the price of this chair in the market is as high as nearly 20,000 yuan, and the customized model is even more precious.

According to the brand, these chairs were designed by Lin Junjie himself, and there are only 18 pieces in the world, and they have been produced as early as November.

On the day of receipt, Lin Junjie was also very excited to broadcast live, showing fans his own customized chair with number 1.

In fact, Lin Junjie often gives gifts to friends, which is very intimate.

Previously, Sun Yanzi had posted a Christmas gift from Lin Junjie on social platforms, which happened to be a camera that she fancy 6 months ago but was reluctant to buy.

Of course, the price of this camera is also very expensive, and the current price of the same camera on the e-commerce platform is about 40,000 yuan.

In addition to buying expensive gifts for friends, he is also very willing to spend money on his own things. At the beginning of this year, he posted the latest computer on social media, which cost nearly 400,000 yuan.

As a game enthusiast, Lin Junjie is also keen to customize his own digital products.

Previously, Lin Junjie ordered a Star Wars-themed supercomputer, not only made of all-aluminum alloy, but also took more than 2 months and required more than 200 parts, although Lin Junjie did not disclose the price, but from the appearance alone, this host is already worth a lot.

Lin Junjie can spend so much because he can earn. In addition to developing his singing career over the years, he has also run many side businesses. For example, real estate investment. Previously, the media broke the news that Lin Junjie had spent 200 million Taiwan dollars (about 47 million) to buy a luxury house with an area of 685 square meters.

In addition to investing in real estate, Lin Junjie has also invested in his favorite esports industry.

In March last year, Lin Junjie posted that he had established his own e-sports club. I also personally led the team to live broadcast the game game, which can be said to be very hard.

However, Lin Junjie’s investment vision in esports is not very good, and the team’s record is not as good as he imagined.

But all investment and financial management can be risky, and celebrity investment can also fail. And Lin Junjie is willing to spend a lot of time and money to satisfy his hobbies, believing that even if his investment fails, he will still enjoy it.

After all, money is not omnipotent, and although it can buy many things, it cannot buy happiness, let alone friendship.

Lin Junjie gave gifts to friends, although it was very valuable, but the most precious thing was his friendship with friends. Just like Sun Yanzi said, what is precious is not the price, but Lin Junjie’s concern for his friends.

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