Jin Li M3 new machine release: selling price of 899 yuan, support WeChat shake 8 open

IT House April 13th Message Jin Li’s new machine in Jingdong – Jin Li M3, priced at 899 yuan. According to data, the mobile phone has introduced three versions of 6GB + 128GB, 8GB + 128GB, 8GB + 256GB. Golden M3 configured a 6.53-inch water drop screen, resolution 1600×720, with a screen ratio of 19: 9, with a screen for up to 90%. Although the water dripping screen is adopted, the back appearance is like the MTAE 40 RS Porsche design. It is worth mentioning that the official introduction,

Jinli M3 supports WeChat, shake 8 open

金立 M3 新机发布:售价 899 元起,支持微信抖音 8 开


IT House learned that Jin Li M3 uses 5000mAh batteries, 18W fast charge. Equipped with 6.53 inch water drops, the screen ratio is 19: 9, the resolution is 1600 x 720. Built-in 12nm Union P60 octada processor, the clock is 2.0GHz. The rear 16 million + 500W + 200W AF zoom, front 8 million ff focus Sony lens. Support for WeChat, shake and other software, high-efficiency life, and pre-installed Android 9.0 system.

Golden M3 also supports the side fingerprint unlock, 3.5mm headphone interface, Type-C charging port, a protective case, and tempered film.

金立 M3 新机发布:售价 899 元起,支持微信抖音 8 开

Jinli M3 mobile phone 6GB + 128GB price 899 yuan, 8GB + 128GB price 959 yuan, 8GB + 256GB price of 1059 yuan.

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