Mouse Series Part IV: Ergonomic Mouse Recommended

Ergonomic mouse roughly divided into: trackball mouse, vertical mouse, ergonomic mouse + traditional shape, the following are worthy of recommendation depending on the type of products purchased.

1, trackball mouse recommended

Logitech M570 Reference Price: 279 yuan

Logitech M570



Connection: wireless (2.4G)

Operating System: window, macOS


Wireless range: 10 meters

Key Number: 5


Power: a battery No. 5



Surface of the roller made of rubber, steel wire grating structure produced, using the right hand ergonomic trackball design, three-dimensional size of approximately 136 * 100 * 45mm, the whole shape more lenient trackball, trackball, the thumb may be delicate operation on the cursor can achieve complete control of the trackball in the true sense, can select the desired angle between 0 ° to 20 ° by a unique adjustable shaft, the hand position is more natural, more comfortable.

Excellent precision and tracking mode button to change the cursor speed and accuracy, achieve a precise control key, random adjustment sensitivity. Induction of the trackball may be provided a dual mode of freedom in the options.

Button has an inclined roller accurate, quick access to the shortcut key, improving efficiency. Precision roller has horizontal scrolling in convenient and-click, simultaneous connections, both devices and easily switch between the two devices.

Long life battery fast charging, the battery is fully charged can be used for up to four months, one minute charging can be used all day.


Durability: very durable

Response speed: very fast very sensitive

Portable degree: slightly larger than normal mouse OK

Exterior color values: first-class, very stylish

Comfort: class, as long as the movable thumb on the line, eliminating the need for a sliding elbow, reducing muscle fatigue, reducing inflammation A week it may occur.

Other features: very satisfied. Battery is also very durable, my colleague of the same product, with a AA batteries replaced no more than a year

2, vertical mouse Recommended

Colorful (Delux) M618 reference price (wired): 59 yuan

Colorful (Delux) M618

Connection: wired, wireless

Operating System: Windows and macOS

Key Number: 6

Programmable: Yes

The vertical scroll mouse colorful biomimetic binding ergonomic lateral gripping manner in an upright, flat grip position to replace the traditional way to make the arm of a natural extended state, out of a long cross arm control mouse bone stiff state.

Take your pick of two modes: wired version, the wireless version.

Ergonomically designed, raised his arm, stretched to its natural state, this time the palm of your hand in a grip-like appearance is our ergonomic, non-slip anti-sweat, removable palm rest design, class skin material with tire pattern palm rest, anti-skid anti-sweat, comfort and calm.

Response speed: fast, than company-issued mouse is much easier

Portable degree: slightly larger size, but acceptable, it does not affect the carrying

Exterior color values: high, a word, high, very anti-war color value

Comfort: not tired wrist with them, well, can effectively prevent tenosynovitis


Durability: Just get started, take a look at a period of time before

3, the traditional shape + ergonomic design mouse recommended

Logitech MX Master 2S reference price: 459 yuan

Logitech MX Master 2S

Connection: Multimode

Key: 7

Type: rechargeable mouse


The new roller MagSpeed ​​electromagnetic positioning precision, fast scrolling, one second scroll thousand lines, and quiet almost silent, roller refined steel having excellent mechanical and tactile components, provide outstanding dynamic inertia texture, and quiet elegance.

Feel comfortable, smooth lines, fit hand-shaped. Reasonable forward / back key positions, gestures and a new button thumb wheel easily and intuitively to create, manufacture and multi-control.

The mouse can be paired up to three devices, just tap the Easy-Switch button to easily switch device, a MX Master 3, full control of the laptop, home computer and office computer.

Compared to the general basic mouse, MX Master 3 speed, accuracy is more than five times, always precise mouse heart. Logitech Darkfield tracking track on almost any surface (or even glass), an alarming 4000DPI Yiqijuechen.

Durability: very strong feel for the big hand of man


Response speed: fast response speed, office tool

Portable degree: class skin material, feel good, but long out of fear that they will glue, bought a three-year warranty

Appearance color values: a high value Yan

Comfort: master comfortable, not tired a long time

Other features: type-c mainstream interfaces, long battery life, with logitech option multi-key configuration feature, you can use the account to upload and download configuration parameters








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