It’s too installed! In the middle of the laundry and storage room, 8 cm is stored

Washing room or globes, if there is one at home, I am full of satisfaction! However, someone owns the two ribilities and makes people envy and hate. Light is not enough, the layout is also very distant, the middle has been used in the middle of the 8 cm narrow object holder, which is too installed.

After all, I encountered two different ribilities. Our first reaction is to add a partition wall division. I didn’t expect this owner to say: This is the stupid decoration method! Change the wall to 8 cm narrow object frame, earn 2m2 is not fragrant?


Add 8 cm narrow objects to the middle of the laundry and storage, 8 cm widths do not appear to be spatially suppressed, while the intermediate spatial ground can be used, can be divided into a plurality of sequel, making a hanger sweeping tool, and the like. It is convenient to take, nor will it seem to be messy.

Don’t underestimate this 8 cm width, it is also very else. If the width is too wide, it will occupy the space between the two sides, it is not a way. If the storage space of too narrow inside is too chicken. Therefore, the general width is most suitable at 8 ~ 10 cents, and you can implement you can adjust according to your own situation.

Some people will ask, don’t I do if there is no isolation between laundry rooms and storage?

Conscience suggestion, it is best to add a partition to the middle. The laundry room belongs to the humid space you need to use, and the storage room must ensure drying, in order to avoid the mold’s mold, it is also necessary to add a partition of hydrogen in the middle.


This is just one, sometimes there is no attention, and the storage room will forget to clean up, and every time I enter the laundry room, I will see the spatial ground next to it, and it will block the occlusion role, ensuring the beauty of space.

The 8 cm inside does not want to be a beautiful appearance, and it is also good to use the pull hanger. If the laundry is also dried, do not have a balcony, dry the clothing on the middle hanger, look good, the balcony can use the seeds, isn’t it more likely to use?


There is also a 8 cm cabinet between the porch and the living room, and some owners’ home is a household name. It is obliquely to the entry of the porch to block a cabinet. The whole surface is used in the shelf, and the side edge can also be tied to the puller, and the 8 cent satisfies 2 functionality.


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