How is the solid wood high box bed storage? Good or low box beds?

When purchasing furniture, in addition to beautiful practical, if you can add some storage space, it is just an unexpectedly. In numerous bedtics, solid wood high box beds meet this requirement.

How is the solid wood high box bed storage

? Let’s take a look at it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the high box bed?


Advantages of high box beds

1. This type of bed is more in line with the human mechanics. It is also better in gas permeability. Its stress range is relatively wide. The high box bed looks very atmosphere, which can store many items.

2, for the small room, the high box bed is a very good choice to maximize space, and the large box of the bed can also store and store the items that are not used in many daily lives, while due to the high box The bed of the bed is relatively high, so the optional mattress thickness is also more.

Distortion of high box beds

For those who have been aged, because the bed is relatively high, it is very inconvenient to go to bed, it is easy to smash the tip. At the same time, it is easy to get sick, so the bed is too naive. The box is more suitable for young people, and the elderly should be cautious.


Good or low box beds?

High box bed characteristics

The high-box bed is relatively high in the high design of the style, which is more than 20-50cm higher than the ordinary flat low box. It is highly designed to improve the storage space, and there is a lot below the bed. The box is separated, and it is accommodated to a room to accompanied by the seasoning of the season, but because the height of the high box bed is relatively high, it will have a certain impact on the appearance.

2. Low box bed characteristics


The low box bed and the ground are short, and some style will be close to the ground. Its storage function is limited, and it is generally not reasonable and organized. It is more suitable for families with large bedroom area, low box bed appearance More fashionable, because the height of the bed is relatively low, the thick mattress can be paved, allowing more comfortable and warm during use.

3. Difference to comparison

The difference between the high box bed and the low box is different. The thickness of the bed is different, and the thickness of the mattress is different, and the style style is different. Usually the low box bed is more beautiful and comfortable than the high box bed, in the choice of home space Size to buy, if there is a large amount of space, it is better to choose a low box bed. If the home area is small, it is necessary to save space through the high box bed and store the storage items.

What brand of solid wood high box is good?

1, Huayi high box bed

Hua Japanese Furniture Co., Ltd. is also a very famous solid wood furniture brand. Its product quality is very good. Since its establishment, it has experienced more than 20 years, and the product is very complete, with: sofa software, mattress, home jewelry series.

2, Huafeng high box bed

Huafeng Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of China’s top ten brand furniture. At present, it is very famous in the furniture market. It is a large modern furniture manufacturer. Huafeng mainly based on solid wood furniture, in which solid wood box bed products have been trusted by consumers, and the sales volume is very good.

3, bright high box bed

Heilongjiang Guangming Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the top ten brands of solid wood furniture. It is a well-known brand in China and a hundred companies in the furniture industry. Bright furniture is based in China, Japan, Europe and the United States. The products are exported to all parts of the world, and the annual sales income is 1 billion yuan.


Solid wood high box bed storage

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