Chinese Embassy in Mexico: Have to forge a health code in China, have suspended the application qualification

湃 新 记 煜 煜 豪

According to the China Mexican Embassy, ​​the official website of January 15th, recently, the Chinese Embassy in Mexico found that individuals in China went to China to make a health code, attempted to make a clearance. The above behavior violates the law, seriously interferes with epidemic prevention, resulting in hidden dangers in the epidemic. The Chinese Embassy in Mexico has suspended the relevant personnel health code qualifications and will notify the relevant situation in China. The domestic departments will investigate the legal responsibility of the parties in accordance with the law.

The Chinese Embassy in Mexico once again solemnly reminded: everyone will continue to adhere to “non-emergency, non-necessary, do not travel”, and plan to go to China must strictly abide by various epidemic prevention provisions, according to the requirements, and in the epidemic prevention code International Edition In the applet, if you realize the information, don’t be lucky, trial.

At present, Mexican new coronal pneumonia epidemics is still popular in high, and has diagnosed a case of Austrian O’Kek tunaining strains. According to Xinhua News Agency, the World Health Organization issued a new crown epidemic weekly report on January 11, as of the week of the 9th, the new diagnosis case in the Americas has more than 6 million cases, the highest record since the epidemic; Argentina’s new diagnosis case is more than the previous week Increasing 101%; Brazil, Mexican new death cases increased by 15% and 28% respectively from the previous week.

In the face of new championships, Latin America believes that the new infection peak is approaching. Mexican Microbiologist Ximenenes-Phili has recently said that the immunity in Latin America is relatively weak, and within a few or months, the severity of the region may further exacerbate.

A number of experts said that the recent laminarism has rebounded, except for the flow of the holiday staff, O’Kek’s poisonous strains are more easily transmitted. Compared with other new crown virus variant strains, O’K has a short period of latency, strong infectivity, with Delta and other strains intertwined in Latin America, making it a huge challenge in the region.

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Author: Zhang Liangliang

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