The foot is warm, the whole body is not cold! Early autumn is popular in playful “boots”, age-age is still elegant

Speaking of the shoes choices in autumn, the standard answer is of course not stopped, the older women want to focus on the shoe of the sports style, but the intensity of sports means that the exquisiteness is weakened. Let’s take a look at the playful boots in early autumn, exquisite and age, it is also very rich, especially suitable for older women!


Part1 boots long short

In the early autumn season, it is not the opportunity to debut in the long boots. At this time, you still have to say boots and medium boots, boots in boots will look more playful and lively, and whether it is pants or Dressing boots can be easily controlled.

In the picture, it is a classic short boots, and the left is a playful booties. It is not bright enough to have a careful machine, and the high tube is higher in the right side, more feminine.

Let’s take a look at the boots, the boots are playful, and it is more toned when wearing it. Like a simple skirt or a medium-long skirt, even pants can be easily controlled.

Two pairs of boots are equipped with a relatively loose big skirt, the skirt and boots are able to form a small gap, more highlighting the position of the ankle. With the short-length wearing, let the overall body proportion coordinate, the big legs can be easily worn.


The next is the boots, and the boots will be more elegant and gentle relative to the boots. Moreover, the boots can make more perfectly outline our legs, and many girls feel that their calves are not very slender. At this time, relative to short sleeves, the boots are more suitable for you.

Part2 version

The version of the boots is very rich, the same matching method, choosing different boots, then, the overall dressing feels will show a different effect.


For example, select the jacket to match the wearing of the skirt, but the left choice more college Martin boots, wearing an elegant age. The right side is a British boot, allowing the whole person to show more rigorous retro temperament.

The saddle short boots do not have too much decoration, but simply set up a single floor to show a playful and handsome feel.

There is a tightening design at the ankle, and the foot is properly increased, and the lines of the foot can be smoother. Such short boots are very suitable for use with elegant skirts, agefields and beautiful.

The short boots of the skin can wear a very handsome temperament, and the short boots in this illustration also use the version of saddle boots.

However, the material is completely different, and the boots of the suede are more suitable for fabric with knitted or hair, and more retro feelings relative to leather boots, and very high-profile.

Don’t look at the boots only account for a small area in the entire wear, but in fact it is detail, even round heads and sharp heads can show different styles.


The round of the round of the boots will be more embarrassed, more suitable for gentle and elegant women, while the pointed shoes can highlight women’s strong gas fields, in the job field or want to pursue handsome-style women can choose pointed shoes.


For older women, high heels are recommended relative to flat boots. Boots can be divided into two kinds of thick and high heel, and the rough heel can show a retro feeling, and it is also more comfortable in the wearing experience.

The high heel is more exquisite and more elegant, and it is more suitable for a wide-ranking brief, which makes the leg line in visually more difficult.

In the fall, the boots are indeed a very good choice for older women, and the skirt is equipped with a highlights and elegant, and the trousers are handsome and texture.


The layout and material of the boots are relatively abundant. When you choose, you can choose it according to your own preferences, not only age, and it is very temperament.

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