He said charcoal package is really useful? I say “yes”

In just renovated the house, bought a new car to put some charcoal bag inside, used to remove formaldehyde and other harmful gases. Some Internet users has said that after full charcoal adsorption of formaldehyde will further release formaldehyde, have become a source of pollution. is this real? After the charcoal smoke filled formaldehyde, but also re-release? After that search the Internet, the Internet does have this view. After I heard the news, and everybody also bewildered. Bamboo charcoal package in the end it is helpful or harmful? Matter of opinion! ! !


Generally good charcoal inside an additive package, if the saturation changed color.


Businesses always said sun drying out, do not worry if the best is boiled with hydrochloric acid under.

The quality of charcoal, the adsorption effect of bad days to do, not firing the higher the temperature, the better the adsorption capacity of Oh!

Formaldehyde content in the air 0.08-0.12mg / m3, at 25 ℃ in the adsorption capacity is detected charcoal per 100 grams about 910 mg of charcoal can adsorb formaldehyde.


Bamboo charcoal package is a very durable items, but also can be recycled, generally speaking a charcoal bag package to spend a month to no effect, and this time you need to go to sunlight or adsorption charcoal bag to keep the outlet air dry sex, but generally used bamboo charcoal bag a period of time is best to dispose of, so more healthy.


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