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Apple’s products are not famous, whether it is iPhone, iPad or MacBook, the price tends to exceed 10,000 yuan. Many people also ridicule Apple products are things with money talents, because it is too expensive. In fact, the “expensive” of Apple products is not only reflected in the brand premium, but also on its service, but this is a part of a few people. For example, the 799 yuan that is hot in this time will be “white” to a brand new iPad, then is it true?

In fact, the author took 0 yuan “white” to a brand new iPad Air 3, but it is not a “white” in the true sense.

Half a month ago I found a very small pixel bad point on the screen of IPAD AIR 3, about half of the rice grains, this area will show it. In fact, this is also a screen of the iPad, especially in second-generation iPad Pro. In the end, the author reserves the apple genius. After passing the pass, the clerk has replaced a new official version of IPAD AIR 3.

This time, the 799 yuan that is hot in this time can be “white” to a brand new iPad. In fact, it is an Apple’s after-sales service.

According to the narrative of Apple’s official website,

If your product’s battery storage is lower than 80% of the original battery capacity, you will receive a battery service for free within the APPLE CARE + service plan.

That is to say, when your iPad battery capacity is less than 80% in the year, you can


After the official application of Apple, it needs

Apple support

advance booking. If you buy Applecare +, the warranty time will be extended to two years. This service is not only applied to Apple products such as iPhone, AirPods.

So when your iPad battery capacity is less than 80%, then it can be directly to Apple’s official application for sale. Because the IPAD is more accurate, Apple has always been repaired in exchange and replacing an official switch. If your luck is good, after the same paragraph iPad, Apple clerk may give you a bigger or update IPAD.

There are still two conditions here:

The iPad appearance is not damaged, and the battery capacity is less than 80%.

As for the so-called obsolete iPad replacement new iPad, it is necessary

Vary from person to person

It is time to look at luck and human feelings. Apple clerk will replace it according to the iPad inventory in the store, if there is no stock, then it will not be replaced. Even if you replace it, then the same old iPad, the performance is also difficult to satisfy everyday use, not like the IPAD in the guarantee.

If everyone holds the old iPad like a rumor, they can force to the new iPad. Who will buy new iPad? Then Apple can go straight down.

Regarding the iPad, few people know the charger, the data cable is warranty for one year.

For example, your data line has undergone natural damage in a year, then you can ask Apple’s official to replace you with a new data cable.


The same is true for iPhone. Besides,

The screen of the iPad, the motherboard is two years of warranty,

More than one year more maintenance than other parts.

Of course, the author wrote so much, not to teach you how to go to Apple’s wool, but how to maintain your legitimate rights and interests.


Looking back more than a year ago, in fact, the iPhone is also not repaired like an iPad, and there is a small problem directly to replace a new official shift.

However, it is because there are too many people in China, but in the iPhone, I deliberately replace new iPhone, and even maliciously remove the iPhone to replace the internal motherboard to change new. It has caused Apple’s after-sales loss of $ 1.3 billion in the mainland in the mainland. So now, the iPhone in the mainland is the only iPhone, the only iPhone, does not have a refund, and there is too much to spit domestic greed. .

Quietly tell you if you apply for a foreign Apple’s Apple Shop to the Apple Shop for sale, it is still reimachable.

The last author suggested that you should try to choose official channels when you start the iPad, ask for invoices, even if you start the second-hand iPad, you should try to choose the invoice. If there is a problem, legitimate rights can be maintained.

Have you learned these knowledge points? Hurry and give you someone!


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