HOMEKIT with a golden key, how can it be late?

Since 2014, after “Sudden Spring Breeze”, the hardware vendor in the smart home field, platform solution providers have experienced a big destination that has been attributed to a stable and calm development period. However, the bigiers did not give up the “middle control” dream. Many smart home technology platforms headed by Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samarts, LG Smartthinq, Apple Homekit have emerged.

As an early story of Apple, Apple Homekit has recently begun to “enthusiasm”. Just this largest smart device manufacturer’s products have not yet gained industry leadership

In the entering the Chinese market, I didn’t get the advantage of in line with its brand position, and many people were optimistic, but the market broke out is always about.

However, some companies are willing to let go, such as Founder launched the topic of HOMEKIT technology products, the “Fang Zhengzhi Home” of the HOMEKT Technology Product, and the main third-party ecological alliance platform. Haier announced that some air conditioners support HOMEKIT, Emmert also announced to launch smart fans that support HOMEKIT. Xiaomi is actively hugging homekit. Today, homekit smart home hardware has included AQARA Wall Switches (single, dual), millet smart socket (ZigBee version), millet human body sensor, millet door and window sensor, millet temperature and humidity sensor, etc.

This looks a turn to HOMEKIT.

HOMEKIT with a golden key is sent to a hopes

Undoubtedly, Apple’s hardware and software products are always at the top of the industry. Similarly, HOMEKIT is considered to be large, especially in security and user experience.

1. On security issues, HOMEKIT gave a good solution.

Cloud computation is convenient, saving resources, but it is not necessarily the safest for smart homes.

Take the most sensitive home surveillance camera as an example, most commercially available intelligent terminals behind the smart home technology platform be taken – upload cloud – distribution method to implement real-time monitoring, but such operations have given a lot of operations with criminals Space, port hijacking incidents are uncommon.

HOMEKIT uses the camera to create an end to the end of the camera, and the cloud does not have data, only “Private” between the two devices, it is difficult to solve it.

And even if the crack is also one-on-one, there is no “economic value” for hackers.

In addition, if you want to achieve remote operation smart home, you must have an iPad (or Apple TV / HomePod) as a central, which is equal to another lock (as shown in Figure, Source: Network).

In this way, sci-fi movies or anti-arguments, the smart homes in the argument are basically impossible to appear, and in the traditional cloud network, with the deepening of smart home, it may not be empty.

2. Experience, homekit inherits the gene of Apple’s products.

Intelligent home has been the main reasons for people in the past, saying that it is still “not easy”, and the user uses uncomfortable, uncomfortable, typical performance is the slow response time, no smart home should have technology and convenience.

At this point, HOMEKIT’s technical products may still have a lot of words, relative to Alexa and other products, terminal manufacturer’s measured data indicate that

Homekit products instantly respond to direct experience, end-to-end operation mode, as well as Apple’s consistent hardware and software direct adaptation brings a lower delay.

As a result, there is a safe and experience advantage, HOMEKIT has been widely popular, especially under Facebook privacy leaks, Internet products have further attaches great importance to privacy, this year, HOMEKIT and developers or platform have become increasingly close.

On the single product, Airburg Airburg launched a new new style NEX-360A; smart home set manufacturer’s green rice development based HomeKit gateway, human body sensor, humidity sensor, water dip sensor, door and window sensor, wireless light, etc. Schneider has developed a smart switch panel; high-end kitchen brands have launched intelligent smoke hoods, etc., Apple Homekit has gradually been involved in each area related to life through different items, and is different.

In terms of cooperation with the platform, HOMEKIT cooperates with Abode Systems to launch a new IOTA integrated security camera and security gateway; even cooperate with the Swedish real estate Open Business TrivSelhus, jointly build an HOMEKIT smart home ecological community, enter the TOB field.

It is undeniable that it is the best choice for users to be HOMEKIT’s partners only in other platforms. However, on the breakthrough of ecological scale, this also caused some troubles to Homekit.

HOMEKIT is no longer just “cold”, “policy patch” began to have new possibilities


Because of the too much of the user experience, HOMEKIT is very strict, certified, etc. Equipment vendors must authorize through Apple’s full set of certification prior to using the HomeKit system, in addition to hardware, even for packaging, manual, etc.

Therefore, for a long time, when other technical platforms have declared that they can control XXXX manufacturers XXXX terminal devices, HOMEKIT’s number is obviously less than, in the intelligent home technology platform, homekit is the one. Not a well-known but not enough.

Apple is naturally aware of this problem. Last year, the HOMEKIT system began to “policy patches”, and some extent began to abandon hard requirements for hardware levels.

For intelligent terminals, add homekit becomes easier, while software-wide upgrades also make HomeKit’s ecology make it easier to maintain and extend.

At the same time, in order to help all the allies promote the C-terminal market, the “Golden” position of the Apple Direct Store also appears.

Such an effect is obvious, the image of the glamorous and high, but for developers, Apple Homekit is no longer the unreachable product, and nearly 100 products have emerged in the past year. In addition, those hardware companies originally belonging to other smart home platforms have begun to extend to Homekit because of the lower threshold, and the original stock pool is excavated by HOMEKIT, and HOMEKIT, which is hopped by Apple, starts with new signs.

Who can solve the “seesaw” effect facing HOMEKIT?

As the largest intelligent home consumption market in the world, China has been hung by major smart home technology platforms, in addition to local millet, Huawei, etc., Amazon Alexa, Google Home is equivalent to debut, homekit is also no exception.

Although Homekit has been getting rid of the cold, but its high-demand access standards are still a little more expensive for China’s large-scale assembled intelligent terminal manufacturers. more importantly,

There have been obvious “inferior coins” phenomenon in the domestic market, and the smart home platform “Huaqiang North” shadow reproduction, homekit became “good currency” that is more prone to expel.

Nowadays, Huaqiang North has been in the physical place, but Huaqiang North mode changed, and there are also the field of IoT, some so-called smart home platforms provide a so-called one-stop smart home solution, and this type of technology, most of them are also from BAT In the technical matrix, the change is changed to the manufacturer, thereby forming the unique Huaqiang North phenomenon of smart home platform, a variety of low, low-priced, unified solutions, fool can also do smart home, live Take off 2007 Huaqiang North Shengshi.

In this market environment, the space of HOMEKIT’s high-quality technology solution is crowded, more than this, HOMEKIT also faces developers in this scenario and users “seesaw” effect: the developer will be more beneficial to users, But it is more likely to be more likely to win developers (such as some Huaqiang North model platform, which is a large number of small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Therefore, although the practitioners often say “Apple often launches people”, some people have hit in the domestic market, they have to occupy the market, and after the launders are afraid to have a little faster. At present, HOMEKIT cooperates with the third-party ecological alliance like Fang Zhengzhi home, it seems to provide a new road.

As HOMEKIT, Fang Zhengzhi family became its domestic technical experience sentinel, before docking developers, and then docked the user market, intermediate technology and business docking matters. There are several obvious roles for HOMEKIT urgently need to open up the market:

1. Gather developers through the system’s solution, and provide certification and other aspects, accumulate and sedimentation and sharing with the group’s way.

For example, Fang Zhuangzhi is a smart chip to provide a smart chip and build a technical certification test laboratory, further reducing the developer into the homekit threshold.

2. Provide supply chain advantages and channel advantages, allowing physical properties, and occupying more user markets faster.

For example, Fang Zhengzhijia is in the core, building an integrated supply chain platform, operation management platform and service platform, and is facing user construction and operational intelligent home experience center, smart home demonstration community, can open for HomeKit and developers. The market is convenient.

3. Use the existing social resources advantage to extend homekit’s TOB thinking. China’s third-party ecological alliances often have resources such as government, real estate,

For example, Fang Zhengzhijia and Anhui CCB, Hefei High-tech Zone signed a cooperation agreement, in the housing room, the commercial housing market has a convenience of promoting smart home products.

In this way, HOMEKIT can solve the problem of “seesaw” between developers and users, there is no reduction in experience and safety requirements, but also guarantees adequate ecological kinetic energy.

B2B2B2C, drop or “C”

However, the third-party ecological alliance like Fang Zhizhi family means that by homekit to Fang Zhizhi home to the developer finally formed a typical B2B2B2C chain.

The common point of this long chain pattern is that

Although all B endes are doing buyers, every link must think about the C-terminal.

The line of financial technology output can be developed rapidly, and most of the technical services are provided for B-terminal users such as financial institutions, but the program itself is thinking about financial C-terminal users.

Important is not HOMEKIT, Fang Zhengzhi home, developers want to understand C-terminus, but they have to obtain the consistency of C-terminal understanding,

Foreign HOMEKIT, Fang Zhuang Zhijia, first-line contact user’s developer / manufacturing boss, which may take a certain time to run.


In addition, the third-party ecological alliance is essentially an intermediate platform that excavates homekit potential developers and gathers and helps them achieve market goals, that is, the so-called hug heating mode,

This alliance has obvious “flywheel effect”, enough to “warm”, only get enough developers share resources, and once the hugging advantage will become more obvious once it starts.

In short, longer cold start, more obvious clustering effects showed that HOMEKIT still needs to accumulate in a third-party ecological alliance.

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