1 trees in the south, people called “emperor wood”, 800 years of material, the next material can be a treasure

my country has broadly divided into north and south, because the distance from northern and north is far, so the difference is very large, the most obvious thing is the climate, the southern moist is more rain, the plant is growing, so there are many rare trees in the south. There are 1 trees in the south, and people call “emperor wood”, 800 years of material, and the next item can be a treasure.


This trees are small leaves, which is a very precious tree. From ancient times, it is a boutique wood, but also called “the wood of the emperor”, because the hardness of this wood is in front of all trees, so There is this name, and the growth cycle is very long. Almost more than 800 years can be used as a wood, and it is very precious, and its footsteps we can pass it as a homework. Let me introduce this plant.



The leaflet rosewood is a tall tremoline plant, its trunk is very straight, the bark color is generally dark brown, and there will be a splice above, and its juice is very special, not like ordinary trees, it is milky, But dark red. Its blades are generally elliptical, and there will be yellow stripes above, and its flowers are from 11 to December, and the fruit is in May to May.


The trend is very much, but the most precious rosewood is a lobby rosewood, and there is also a green dragon. Its main origin is in India, the Philippines, Malay Islands, etc., and in my country in Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan and other places have a small number of wild lobby rosewood trees. Although there are many places in the original forests produce lobular rosewood, the quality of roside produced in Myanmar is optimal in India.


Why is the leaflet rosewood be called “the wood of the emperor”? The hardness of this wood is the front of all wood, because the lobby rosewood grows very slowly, the general trees will be a round of a year, but the rosewood has to grow in 5 years, and it takes more than 800 years to make materials It grows long growth cycle, so hardness is also in the first column.


The rosewood is solid, but the texture is delicate, the density is very large, and it is very stable. It is difficult to carry, and after making a furniture, the color is deep purple, and it is a royal family’s special purpose wood price, so it is called “emperor” Wooden. Because this rosewood is slow, the price is very low, the resources are very lacking, so there is still a saying that “inch sand-zone gold” is precious than gold.

The furniture of the rosewood is very rare. There will be a lot of underlying materials after doing furniture, and these underlying materials can not be wasted, and people generally grind it into beads. The general rosewood price is not expensive, there are hundreds of thousands of, the quality is different, the price is different. But some high-grade lobular rosewood bracelets are very expensive, and a string can sell three or 400,000, and they can be used as a passed home.


Dear readers, friends, have you seen the leaflet rosewood tree in the south? If you know other precious value, welcome to the message below, share discussions with other readers friends.


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