Cotton era 2021 autumn and winter new bottom underwear, combined with comfort and environmental protection

In December, when soft, comfortable cotton encountered warmth, the cotton era made a beautiful winter time, so that he warm around. Cotton era 2021 autumn and winter home service series, with “new life, easy life”, integrate comfort, health, environmentally friendly living concept, use skin cotton home to service new our autumn and winter “light” life.


The cotton era is a brand focusing on the production of cotton-core raw materials. In 12 years, the cotton era has been insisting on using natural high quality cotton as raw materials, with cotton spinning, high-quality gauze as the core development The raw materials are committed to providing more secure, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly, healthy cotton daily necessities.

In this season, the cotton era also continues the consistent principles, using natural and soft cotton as a core raw material, fully highlighting the focus of the brand’s sustainable value. Among them, the cotton era This season, the new herbal cotton underwear is most concerned about consumers.

As a close-fitting clothing, the second important nature of thermal underwear is comfortable. The cotton era under the cotton cotton undergarment will be blended naturally with science and technology. Its raw materials are taken from natural plants that make the clothes have natural plant antibacterial effects to avoid invasion of common bacteria in life. Compared to ordinary cotton, this straw cotton increases the added value and performance of cotton fibers, which greatly meets everyone’s requirements for the healthy and comfort of the coat.

In addition, the soft, skin, the underwear underwear, and the underwear, and further improved its comfort. This grass cotton bottom underwear is both unsigned, especially in the pants part, uses a conzole design, so that users are more comfortable. Cotton Times House cotton undergarment can meet both people’s wear demand, and have environmentally friendly properties, and choose it is also green and natural in maintaining the ecological environment.

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