Pure cotton bottoming shirt – warm autumn and winter

Today, when the circle of friends was brushed by the weather, I can’t wait for the photo Po of the shake. Indeed, in the late autumn, immediately feel that winter is already in front of it. Xiaobian began to conscientiously organize clothing, and went to a wardrobe thoroughly changed the season. The chiffon fabric that is very like in the summer, I feel so cold in my hand ~~ I can’t help but want to share with everyone about the choice of laundering in autumn and winter.


In the autumn and winter, you will be warm. Why do you say this? And listen to Xiaobian to tell you.

Cotton bottoming shirts Guided, it is suitable for use as a close-fitted dress with cotton fabric.

Pure cotton bottoming shirts are a lot of species, such as cotton T-shirts, cotton thermal underwear, cotton shirt, usually we understand the cotton, definitely the fabric component is 100% cotton. In fact, cotton containing more than 80% is cotton.

But you need to pay attention to a question:


Because the elastic performance of the cotton itself is not very significant, there will be some fabrics to add about 5% of the antisprone. The addition of spandex will add an appropriate elastic force to the originally bombable cotton fabric, allowing the tailoring body with better elasticity, which is more convenient for human activities. So today, Xiaobian’s cotton bottoming shirt does not exclude the cotton fabric that adds a small amount of spandex.

Now start to talk about a topic.


The first thing to introduce is a cotton fabric.

The cotton fabric is a cotton material, and a textile made through a weaving machine is one of the four natural textiles.

The other three textiles are: hemp, silk, hair. And cotton linen belongs to plant fibers, and silk is an animal fiber. In recent years, the topic of environmental protection has been very hot, but for cotton, no matter how it is called the most environmentally friendly fabric.

Let’s take a look at what is a chemical fiber fabric.

Just said that the cotton fabric is a natural textile, then the chemical fiber fabric is artifact textile. It is mainly made of polymer compounds or artificially synthetic polymer compounds.


We are simple to understand the fabric of human being chemically processed.

The cotton fabric and chemical fiber have essentially different.

Humanity has created a chemical fiber fabric, which is also the limited nature of natural fibers. Compared to the production speed of industrial chemicals, it is naturally desirable to use natural fabrics. Therefore, the cost and price of cotton cloth are also higher than that of the fiber.

The cotton fabric has mainly three major advantages, and it is unable to replace the chemical fiber fabric.

One: Insulation

A chiffon fabric and a cotton fabric top, from the hand feeling, it has been able to feel the temperature. This is because the cotton fibers itself has porous properties, and the fibers can accumulate a large amount of air, and the air is thermal and electrically poor conductors, so even if it is placed in air, the cotton fabric also has good heat preservation.

Two: hygroscopicity


This is a key role in the choice of autumn and winter.

Under normal conditions, cotton fibers absorb moisture in the air, and its water content is 8% -10%, so it does not feel stiff after contact with the human skin, but a soft touch. At the same time, it can avoid too dryness and cause static electricity. This is why the chemical fiber fabric is particularly easy to produce static electricity in the autumn and winter season. Because the chemical fiber itself does not have hygroscopicity.

If we feel the skin slight sweating in the crowd, in this case, the cotton fabric can take the initiative to absorb the moisture discharged from the human body, and adjust the humidity of the skin environment through its rapid evaporation. Therefore, even if you sweat, you will not be placed on the skin like a chemical fiber fabric, so that the body feels uncomfortable.

Three: Sanitary

Modern people are very sensitive to environmental and health topics. As the material demand continues to improve, we have gradually begun to pay attention to the problem of fabric health.

As the most closeness, its health is very valued.

Just now, the cotton fabric is a natural cotton, and its ingredients have been inspected and practiced, and there is no irritation and negative effect with the skin’s skin contact, which is harmless to the human body. Therefore, in the sanitary, the cotton fabric is greatly better than the fabric made by the artificial fiber.

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