The kit pajamas is “Guo Child” holiday style?


Said that the classic men’s clothing is shaken by the trendy mainstream, but such as the continuous iteration of the tailoring style from the suit, you can see one or two.

It is only based on the classic category, and it is not like a fashion trend.

At that time, the men’s clothing that had long been forgotten in the past, and it was undoubtedly a modern inspiration to suit the enthusiasts of suits.


As for how to play the old girl who has slept for a long time, it is the matter.


Pajamas pajamas

Turning over the street shoot in recent years, we will find that there are many kinds of men’s summer wear, and a single product is frequent. Although it is not as well in the blouse, sometimes it is more elegant than the general casual shirt. .

This kind of unique single item that everyone has aroused in the fashion world in recent years is pajamas.


Didn’t be wrong, it is pajamas.

In fact, there are shirts, T-shirts These from underwear evolution into the forefoot of the daily wear, this should be no strange. But if you want to wear ideals, you don’t miss the effect, but you don’t think it is as simple as you think.


Before presenting the recommendations and mine areas of pajamas, we may wish to understand what to inspire to go through the birth of such a program outside the pajamas.

From robe to pajamas

In the past, feudal thinking generally believes that there should be clothes to cover the body when people sleep at home or walk. Therefore, people at the time will wear clothes at night, except for the cold, more lies in the body.

In the Victorian era (1837-1901), Moral Guards have strongly condemned the trend of the time, claiming that all of the expansion of women’s sexy design is rogue.


They believe that women’s body curves should be tailored in line to protect the pureness of the soul. So 1841 to 1856, the personal lace clothing that highlighting the characteristics of the female body was regarded as a symbol of the fallen, and the rules of the British female ceremony were greatly destroyed.

This is not difficult to understand why the medieval before this, regardless of men and women wear a lengthy nightgown. At that time, the nightgown imitated Egypt and Rome centuries without the design, sleeves and shares in the sleeves and shares, using direct design of cloth.

Tailor details of early male nightgown in the 19th century

Most of them are white linen materials, because they always know that the liner has sweat-absorbent characteristics, but also repeatedly bleached and cleaning, in line with the high-wear frequency of pajamas.


In the 16th century, the nightgown gradually became a lapel design, but the neckline was lower than the day, but the button was also used to deduct the neck.


A nightmarer is still designed in a robe that is still exhibited in Victoria and Albert Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum). This elegant pajamas can be seen in the neckline and the cuffs, with a multi-layer lotion design at the wrist, which describes the wealth and status of the owner.

Until the end of the 19th century, the material of male pajamas extends from linen to silk, cotton, flannel, and the length until the ankle will be called NightGowns, and the design of the buttons touched the ground and the design of the button is Night Robes. Later, it was the next Nightshirts just covering the knees.

At the time, the male started to comply with fashion, replaced the traditional Nightshirts with pajamas, and the half-body two-piece pajamas consisting of tops and trousers have gradually prepared in the men’s closets since the 1930s.

The fabric becomes lighter after alkalization, and there is also a new fabric such as Tianyu; plus corrugated decorations and rich color selection, and PAJAMAS has added trendy appearances that can be worn.

Birth of Pajamas


In the past, wearing pajamas can be said to be more common and rich in operations, especially when the hot summer night is not easy to sleep, a moisture-resistant pajamas set ensures sleep quality, and takes into account the minimum decentralized in the hall.

At that time, the British colonists returned from the far East, brought back the loose pajamas set of colonies such as India.

This pajamas differ from Nightshirts popular in the late 19th century, rich colors, and thin and soft texture quickly attracted the English people’s eyes. It is used as a pajamas, or in the house, the garden.

The reason why it is called “

Pyjamas (or Pajamas)

“, This is drawn from Persian” Pay “and” Jama “, meaning covering the legs.

Even in the 1930s, if a woman wearing a male two pajamas, it would be considered to be hurtful (previously a sleeping skirt) until the movie “


IT Happened ONE Night


“The world, started to refresh the public’s impression on PAJAMAS.


That is a part

Claudette colber


T and

Clark Cable


The romantic comedy starring, and the people in the play triggered the vast audience, which set off a trend of a wave of half-body sports pajamas.

Pajamas is not only suitable for sleeping, but also act as nightclub. In the “The Thin Man” movie series, you can often see the characters while drinking martini while drinking stylish pajamas.

Just like a soft bed linen, the body feel and style of pajamas should be one of the fun in life.

Audrey Hepburn wearing two sets of pajamas in the “Rome Holiday” in 1953. Ms. Co-Co Chanel promoted a wave of Pajamas in the war. This stimulates many men to buy because they hope that their partners can use Pajamas to meet their delight.

With suggestions


From the street shooting, you can find that you can use leisure to the ultimate pajamas in everyday wear, basically test water in the direction of vacation wind. The atmosphere pursued by the holiday is the casual adjustment phase of pajamas, and it will not highlight too much violation.


However, we must take the pajamas to “your gong son” wind, but also need to take into account the material and style.

Material aspect I will recommend that the silk is the first, soft feel and high-quality gloss can lay the plenty of pajamas, and also distinguish between the general casual shirt.

Whether it is inner or outer wear, the silky elegant radius will give your pajamas wear enough to wear enough.


The gas permeability of cotton, linen is a major temptation to ensure good feelings, but I believe that there is not these universal items in your closet. It is undoubtedly a more unique style.

If you want to improve the cool feeling of wearing, you can use the silk to replace the silk, although it is a human fiber, but its fabric performance is better than other non-natural fabrics, wearing the same cool and cool, and also protect the luster of nature .


Since it is a casual single product, you don’t have to be too criminal, especially the thinned men suggest to choose a slightly loose fit version, reduce the weakness of the overall image.

In the style, I personally prefer the classic pajamas model with contrast color curls. The reason is the same as the foreman, distinguishabizes the general casual shirt, and it has


Stereoscopic crimping + contrast tone

It can easily create bright spots and levels of shape.

Or stripe pattern is also a good choice.


The words of the big thunder are avoided, otherwise I don’t know if you are forgotten to change clothes, or deliberately dressed as the Middle East. There is also try not to naturally release it, no matter what your hardware is good, this kind of wearing is still unhappy.

The easiest and unlike error is to take a high waist pants, in accordance with the casual feelings of the flirt, this is further in the elegant vacation.

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