Ms. oil control shampoo which is better? Pro-recognized test models 10 potent degreasing Shampoo

Recommended several belonging to clean the scalp types of shampoo, dry hair please consciously leave, oily hair can look. Washing will be very refreshing, but not tight scalp can prevent hair loss. But it would be more astringent after washing is normal. If you want supple effect, these shampoos are not appropriate.

Because my hair is oil, ordinary shampoo basic one day after the oil that stick together, so I’m particularly fond of spent oil shampoo good effect, but with a long tail will be too dry, the follow-up in the hair tail with hair oil on the line. As some people say that after using these shampoos hair is very boring ah, ah hair and more things like that, I can only say that they are not suitable for you anyway. Shampoo no best, only the best for them.

Now look at several I like to use the right shampoo

Herbal shampoo estate Germany compound

500ml / 75 Yuan

This shampoo is I accidentally discovered, the German brand, there are four kinds of taste, try to buy a green compound of! Because I think a variety of integrated plant compound effect, thinking it should not be too dry or too oily. Who knows, it really doubt with hair German guy is not different from us, obviously is very oil control ah! Later still see this shampoo nettle flavor, checked the efficacy of nettle that regulate oil and anti-dandruff, it is not the oil control would be better? Oil head stars who have long-term stockpile repurchase ah


Because the non-silicone oil, used in the process has been felt astringent, I tail is useful conditioner. It may be used in hair conditioner tail of it, blowing head when the feeling is still very easy to blow open, finished blowing the hair feeling really light and very refreshing. I used a lot of shampoo, hair resting after a long day on the scalp, and soon oil. But this was not, a little oil control was significantly stronger, and another with a sense of German Seba shampoo is very similar.

This shampoo thing many people may not in the habit, it is not pressing the pump head, so the idea is when you need to be careful but also a little trouble, but have fundamental way, oil saved my head, trouble spots does not matter, and accustomed to feel better, more can go back down.

Italy Aopa Fu shampoo

118 yuan / 500ml

Before ole supermarket to see, feel good after using, and saw a treasure to have repurchased about the price of about 120 yuan. This is an Italian brand, but rarely heard in China, I deliberately looked at the brand’s official website over the wall. Ah, really tall, the entire site is a sense of professional salon shampoo, and facebook, but also on brand promotion activities ins. So determined is a true foreign licensing


Shampoo small bubbles, and Yuji Japan comparable. Shampoo liquid is transparent, the official said that there are components of proteins and bamboo, smell very fragrant creamy cakes, the smell of relatively high-end, like David perfume, each finished first fragrance will fill the entire bathroom.

This shampoo is the flagship softening effect, but no silicone oil control formula to good effect, exhausted after 2 Tianyi wash is no problem. God is then especially its home hair conditioner, very easy to use. It really makes the hair supple, and hair is very light. I found exhausted after the hair is not easy to static electricity, and girls are more suitable for long, straight black hair. But it’s not a lot of foam, bubbles and more like a fairy or pay attention to it. Later, the Internet search of the investigation as well as what this brand of easy to use products, hair oil Aopa Fu Yan found that there is a very high value of gold we called the Little bottle, and I want to try Ha


Apivita Aimi tower


Propolis balanced balancing shampoo


150 yuan / 250ml

Privates care solution has been used before his family learned that her family still shampoo products, the repeated understanding, looking for a friend in hk to buy me a bottle.

Bottle of 250ml, after washing no taste, no incense, and the second foaming good, oh! First pass dirty no bubbles. With them I do not think it costs, because the cleaning force enough!

Later I realized that there conditioner. . I regret it, though I rarely use hair conditioner, but it does this after completing shampoo wash very clean, strong clean behind, so I occasionally get their own home in another Conditioner smear on the tail

Since the use of this, the scalp is no longer longer than acne, scalp feeling is clean. Oil balance! Really very good

Japan Botanist no silicone oil shampoo:

125 yuan / 490ml

Botanist shampoo products are generally shampoo and conditioner is set, package is divided into black and white cover cover two types of cover for the nourishing series black, white cover is a refreshing series. I bought the black cover. Product packaging design is very simple, a bit like a European style, bottle of 490ml. To say a few after-feel, I use jasmine fragrant, like the taste of fruity drinks, Japan’s two scented shampoo are quite good – the Japanese will pick spices. Amount of a province, roughly the amount of a coin will be able to wipe out a lot of foam, foam with a rich sense of natural is not bad. So this shampoo online reputation is also very good. Krauterhof after washing the hair a bit astringent, this will not be very smooth and refreshing, but will almost oil control, oil will also head a day or so. Have to use it one day at a wash. There are other flavor, try to buy again after the other special.

Tamanohada jade muscle shampoo

¥ 135 / 540ml

Yuji is commonly known as the domestic, non-silicon-free add, it is very healthy and natural, like it’s one of the reasons is very rich aroma is still very small fresh. There were 000 lavender, neroli 001, 002 musk, 003 rose, gardenia 004, 005 figs are rich in plant extracts, is the main oil control, and very gentle.

I also prefer the appearance of the sex style, 540ml I have really used the shampoo of the largest tank. This shampoo is a semi-liquid thick, not much foam, using a general sense, in addition to flavor prefer, there is not much sense of this shampoo.

John masters organics Lavender Rosemary Shampoo

236ml / 185 yuan

The most profound impromptu for this shampoo is that I sent a few big bags for my sister in the Macau store to give me a trial. I feel really great! I bought it decisively. I bought this is Lavender and Rosemary lavender rosemary, and the classic is suitable for all hair. Because so many varieties of their home, and it seems almost every effect, is soothing, tough, most people see this buy this election friends. This is a major case against hair loss and promote hair growth.


Liquid is a beautiful amber, which is more thick. The taste is a touch of lavender scent, with a little mint. After the scalp with a very cool, john masters clean well, there are fluffy, and watch live no SLS, SLS shampoo products on the market can not find very little, this is one of, explanation is very mild

Use down feeling is very soothing, no irritation, very comfortable with a shampoo, but the price will be more expensive.

Vitamin B group Avalon Avalon Lavender Shampoo


397g / 75 Yuan

I use the Avalon organic group B anti-off shampoo shampoo new version, the new packaging is not only different, has a different shampoo. Older texture is comparatively thin, nearly transparent color, as a foam, the composition of Table I specifically looked at the official website of Avalon, which indicates that the new surface active shampoo is coconut alcohol sulfate sodium (Sodium coco-sulfate) and coco glucoside (Coco-glucoside). Both are relatively mild surfactants, less irritation to the scalp, it can be assured of, but not too much bubble ~

This mild shampoo or the main table alive and anti-hair loss, hair after using personal feeling really out less. But the general effect of oil control, oily hair shampoo every other day must.

The smell is very refreshing, can smell the faint smell of essential oils. There will be a healthy dry hair glossy, hand trigger Si Shu appropriate dry. Because it is no silicone oil shampoo, washing so how much will a little astringent.

Classie’s amino acid shampoo

260 yuan / 500ML

Although the unit price is slightly higher, but the amount is very provincial, the high degree of supple washed hair soft and slippery, it will not fall a few hairs, is a faint taste of coconut flavor. The most important is that it is an amino acid shampoo watch live, watch live than the general sulfate, amino acids will be more gentle and natural, very suitable for oily sensitive scalp. Blistering will not be obvious, it is best to cooperate bubbler, strong cleaning power for two days a wash crowd. Texture is nearly transparent gel, relatively thin.


THE BODY SHOP ginger shampoo

90-120 yuan / 400ml

the body shop’s star product, ah, is said to British students are staffing a bottle. Watery texture is transparent, bubble abilities, every time we go with a lot of wash, there are some more ginger flavor, but not very strong! In the salon shampoo ginger I tried several of after use will be relatively dry, and this is no exception, but that clean power is too strong, just wash the hair to dry flushing was inserted incorrectly. . . You must add conditioner, but it touches on a good oil control.


5.5 Seba mild shampoo

55-70 yuan / 200ml

This, I suppose I used earlier shampoo, I remember I was the Amway this shampoo a bean friends, happened near my school Imported supermarkets have sold, I “spent a lot” (at that time to buy 100 and more of it! for the students, said the party still pretty expensive) to buy back a try. Just because I wash your hair every day, so it “does not hurt every day, shampoo skin” This sentence Watch my pain points. It also has a very move my presentation is “pH value close to 5.5 weak acid formula”, it is said to be close to the pH of healthy skin surface sebum film weak acid. Easy on the scalp acne very friendly.

Use it Sese feeling shampoo, and also how many people can not afford the status bubble is very crazy (because its main table grape glycosides system is live, blistering no such multi-SLS) However, even without conditioner, hair after drying it is still smooth.