Loose large size Macaro lace lace shorts, spring wears too practical, withdrawal

Every time I open the wardrobe selected top, the pants have not found satisfied with satisfaction, and the clear and short style, but it is not to achieve the desired effect, every time, everything is a variety of depressed crazy.Sometimes Taobao strolls to go, hard is to pick up the desired style color.


Shorts is my own one of myself, think about it is the most practical, so I decide yourself to make a short panties yourself.


I remember that I have already woven the shorts work, this 2 seems that I have never gone in the pants; this time, in order to weave “love”, specially view the shorts weaving the weaving girl in the Internet, in order to wearShu mode, pants must be weaving to return, the front gear is low, so that the effect is beautiful after the upper body is beautiful, especially when weaving special fit.


Because the legs are thick, I especially want to be a big leggings, it is really a bit, it is really very large, this is a bad hairy, because I have no salt, haha.

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