Choice and accessories of water purifiers

From the perspective of my water purification industry for many years, I introduce you to the selection of water purifiers and pipelines. The choice of water purifiers can be divided into ultrafiltration machine and reverse osmosis machine, ultrafiltration machine, applicable The terminal with a low water quality hardness in the southern water quality is used in the terminal. Reverse osmosis machine, suitable for rural areas where the rural water quality of the northern rural areas is stunned. This is only a probably differentiated differences in the South China, how to choose your home or reverse osmosis machine, you can refer to the following aspects. The first is the simplest is to observe if some drinking water has color or odor boiled water kettle. If there is a scale (alkali tea rust), if there is no slight odor or color (this often appears in urban water supply Water Supply due to pipeline aging or high-rise secondary water supply users) can choose a super filler machine (ultrafiltration membrane filtration accuracy in water in 0.01 micrometer water) and trace elements pass, and effectively filter the large particulate matter of bacterial colloidal sediment rust), It can meet the safety of the municipal water supply household water safety, the superplifier excellent disadvantage, the advantage: no need to reduce the pressure of high pressure leakage without wastewater to reduce water resources. Disadvantages: It can only be used for tap water pipeline installation, which cannot effectively filter the calcium magnesium ions in water (the scale generated when boiling water). The reverse osmosis machine is suitable for families with poor odor waters in rural drinking water, because the reverse osmotic machine can effectively filter calcium magnesium ions and bacteria in water (RO reverse osmosis membrane pore size to 0.0001 microns, in a certain pressure It can pass the RO film, while the impurities such as the inorganic salt weight metal ion organic matter bacterial virus in the source water cannot pass the RO film), and the water filtered through the RO film can be directly water to drink (but not recommended drinking cold water to the gastrointestinal gas), is comparative The ideal terminal drinking water is purified at the time. The advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis machine. Advantages: The filtration accuracy is higher than that of water can be directly drinked, and it is possible to use the ultrafiltration machine. Disadvantages: A power supply (self-powered conversion DC 24V), the RO film needs to have an interface leakage risk, and the amount of the solenoid valve is more troubleshooting, and the waste water is more waste of water. How to choose a water purifier suitable for home applicable, according to the degree of water pollution in its own, do not listen to the sales introduction to the sale. 50g 75g 100g 200g 400g 600g of the reverse osmotive machine sales is the RO film unit hour filtration unit is gallon (gallon US metrology unit 1 gallon ~ 3.785 liters) For example 50 gallons of RO film is also 24-hour water content is 50 gallons ~ 189 lifting, it is about 2 gallons to 7.8 liters every hour. It is normal to meet the family of three, and some people say why the RO film has a big choice. The key is cost. It is necessary to choose a larger RO film. The greater pre-compressive pump is also not only non-affordable, but the household is wasteful, but the family uses the reverse osmosis water purifier. It is recommended to use 50 gallons to 100 gallons of RO film. Finally, it is recommended to recommend a better brand in the industrial anti-seepage machine. You can refer to friends who want to do your Diy water purifier. , Domestic recommended era Wharton Huitong RO film is also Korean RO film

It is good to have the quality of Japan’s Dongli RO film. The pressurized pump recommends the Delta and Bai Fen Deng Yuan Johnson. Electromagnetic valve selects Wenzhou Ocean this manufacturer’s stability (solenoid valve sort 1 into the water solenoid valve 2 rinsing wastewater combination solenoid valve 3 high pressure switch), circuit board Taobao self-selected, ultrafiltration machine filter 1PP cotton 2 granules 3 compress particulate 4 ultrafiltration membrane 5 after activated carbon. Reverse osmotive machine filter is arranged in 1PP cotton 2 particulate carbon 3 compression particulate carbon (double water can change the second stage to compress particulate carbon third and release ultrafiltration membrane to double out water) 4 booster pump 5 reverse osmosis RO film 6 Place activated carbon.

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