How to use the egg machine

The egg machine is used to make egg rolls, how to use the egg roll machine? Today, I will answer one by one.

1. Use 220V, the three-wire plug is a symbol to protect the ground, apply the wire to the ground, so as to avoid electric shock to avoid safety.


2. When the power is turned on, after the egg press is opened, the handle is installed, and the six-pair of egg roll molds are cleaned with water, put the stove to the support frame and connect the ventilation pipe. The drum type egg machine is used to ignite the stove and adjust the furnace to the appropriate size.

3, then preheated 15 minutes, turn the drum type egg machine handle, and add the egg roll mold to about 200 degrees. With a small amount of edible oil, the lower pressure template wipes clean, and places it on the stamper with a spoon, and press the upper mold.

4, use the stretting rod to open the mold, apply the mold on the mold with a brush, place the mixed paste with the small and medium-sized spoon, the mixed paste is in the center of the egg roll mold, and the mold can be done, and work to the first When the six egg rolls, the first plate is already mature, then it can be taken out, then in pouring the paste, continue to work in sequence.

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