Samsung intends to push a variety of new software for iOS apple

According to foreign media reports,


In addition, Samsung intends to introduce a large wave of iOS software in the second half of this year to increase its equipment – such as speakers, tablets, fitness trackers – attractive to other platform users.

Message source tells


, A Gear Fit Manager that allows users to pair the Gear Fit with the iPhone mobile phone, and IPHONE version of S Health is also developing, which will help users record sports, diet and sleep, etc. data.

In addition, Samsung will also launch a Level audio accessory software for iPhone users, two Galaxy View Software – Remote Control and Family Square. View is a large screen tablet, the main chase artifact features.

Samsung has also been updated once a software that Samsung has launched for iOS users will also usher in an update. After the message is transmitted, the software will present a new interface to the user. Currently, this software can help users copy pictures and videos, perform some remote operations, such as as a viewfinder.

Recently, Samsung also announced that it will join the IOS support in the Gear S2 smart watch. In contrast, Apple seems to “ruthless”, many -Apple Watch is only compatible with your own iPhone, and so far, Apple is only launched two software -Apple Music and Move to iOS, and later this The software also has a taste of a framer.

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