Bamboo flute winds around Qingshan

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Students are learning to blow bamboo flute. Deng Heting (people vision)

Xiao Hui Wen is in the upper class. Our reporter Zhou Jiaping

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Open a bamboo flute class, rehearse new tracks … Jiangxi Thai and County Shuiyu Township Center Primary School Music Teacher Xiao Huiyin let Bamboo flute walk into the campus and has a sound in the music class. Bamboo flutes not only enhances students’ music literacy, but also makes children in the mountains have gained interests and happiness.

The depths of Dashan County, Taishi County, Ji’an City, Jiangxi Province, 90 post -… Over the years, he has been exploring how children in the village have good music classes, and deliver music and charm of music with bamboo flute.


Music class required to go to the mountain

In 2017, Xiao Huilli, 25-year-old returned to his hometown, served as a teacher of Shuoku Township Central Primary School Music. In the first music class, he poured a scoop of cold water.

“The music foundation of the village primary school students is weak.” Before the class, Xiao Huiwen is full, and gives the students to speak professional skills. As a result, from the creation background to the track analysis, from music construction to music aesthetics, music classes become “language lessons”.

After class, Xiao Hui Wen began to reflect. “What kind of music lessons do you need in village? What should music education do?” Reconsciously, he thought of some ways, the second class took bamboo flute and gourd, still Fun small games are designed, and the classroom is good.

“Music education must first cultivate the interests of children, and have a targeted way to develop a learning plan, can’t cultivate in the professional direction.” After teaching the teaching supply and demand relationship, Xiao Hui Wen decided to join the bamboo flute.

Choosing bamboo flute, I am related to Xiao Hui Wen’s music experience, “I started learning to blow bamboo flute from primary school, I have been guiding and supporting my parents, and I have also got more fun on music.”

In the autumn in the autumn in the autumn of 2020, Xiao Hui Wen selected 38 students from Ban, set up a bamboo flute class, fixed to class per week, and concentrated on the holiday. “Key training gas, lips, tongue, refer to basic skills. In order to improve the control of tones and breath, I asked students to start running at 6:30 in the morning, do sit-ups and other exercises.” Xiao Huiwen said.

Love, let the children are immersed in the joy of music. After a holiday practice, the children blow a model with a “Kuangshan’s pumpkin”.


The children are open, and they are confident.

“The left hand is facing, the right hand is facing, the thumb flute; open the lips, the teeth do not move, close the lips, then send a ” sound …” In an interview, the students smashed together, and the active demonstration how to hold Flute, blow.

There are 670 students in the central primary school in Water Township, including about 60% of left-behind children. “The first time I met, many children’s eyes were not confident.” That time, Xiao Hui Wen continues to think, “What can I do for them?”

“The previous campus life is more monotonous. Now the students have a common interest. Sometimes they will explore the play skills together.” Xiao Hui Wen believes that “music can have more filling, and can help the children open their hearts, active Express self, establish confidence. In the world of music, they are more likely to feel love, pass love. “

“The voice of bamboo flute is very crisp, wonderful, I especially like.” Since I learned to blow bamboo flute, the students Lei Qian became a lot of lively. “Now she loves to smile and talk.” Grandpa looked at the championship of granddaughter in the eyes, happy in his heart. After going home, Lei Qian often passes the parents who work in the field through WeChat video.


On the school’s school school, Huang Yong, who was held in the school, won the first prize with self-study; Xiong Xiao, the fourth-year second class, showed the talent, and has become a bamboo florell … Harvesting happiness and interest, there are more potential, Xiao Huiyin smiled: “If you may have a student, you will become a bamboo flute.”

4 years of rural teaching experience, let Xiao Huiyin mature, “I saw my value from the students, and the satisfaction of teaching is unparalleled.”


Feel the traditional culture in music

Xiao Huiwen’s residence has two rooms, one of which is specially used to make bamboo flutes, and the 10 square meters of production room is filled with bamboo and tools.

Once an accident, Xiao Huiyin learned that there is a musical instrument, and it has been inherited for the millennium. This prompted him to think about bamboo flute from the perspective of inheriting traditional culture. Practice hundred pasweilers, read thousands of texts. In order to feel the musical instrument culture, Xiao Hui Wen took the summer vacation to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, studied the production of bamboo flute, and brought it to the campus.

“The bamboo in the school hills is a bamboo, and the production of bamboo flute should use bitter bamboo. The bamboo just cut down can not be used immediately, and it is two or three years.” The production room, Xiao Huiwen side said: “The wall thickness of the flute The sound quality is high, first measuring the outer diameter of the inner diameter, to determine the modulation of the flute. Comparison of the hole distance, hole width punch, flute, the shape, the size, and the location will affect the sound. “

Learning bamboo flutes is never impelled. “There will be a lot of thinking during the process, repeated school sound energy enhances cognitive and judgment of good tone, which is a great opportunity to understand the music.” Xiao Huiwen said.


At the last semester, the students conducted a preliminary experience. “This semester, the school prepared the bamboo flute production classroom and rehearsal playing classroom, three, fourth grade students, piper, five, six-grade student school production.” Xiao Hui Wen said, learn bamboo flute Producing not only the hands-on ability of students, “the process of making it is the process of infiltration, understanding the cultural connotation, the children think why do materials with bamboo to do materials.”

From the performance to the production, the content and form of music teaching are increasingly rich, and the children are also in music, inheriting bamboo flute culture.

The flute bursts, fluttering in the campus, classroom, playground, children’s minds and notes together, pleasing music with cool laughter in the mountains.

“People’s Daily” (September 23, 2021)

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