Autumn and winter are not willing to wear bloated? Ten foreign bottoming skirts are comfortable and warm, and they can be elegant.

Elegant and gentle dress, soft wool + cashmere material, is a gentleness of the people, delivering the body to its smart comfort, the design, the size of the fit, you want to hide, more highlight your pride; autumn and winter Bottom knit, fashion elegance than you know you! Long to the calf, while showing an ankle with long coat, casual atmosphere natural style; you still have reason, refuse this simple but simple fashion? !

Autumn and winter are not willing to wear bloated? Fifteen foreign bottom skirts are comfortable and warm, and they can be elegant!


Knitted dress sexy charming, knitted fabric dress, slim version of the design, the upper body is naturally packaged out of the fascinating S curve, while the empty tailoring, the skirt is open, showing the sexy side of women, while beaded, enrich details With the quality, then with the salad leaves of the organ, small luxury, small romance, let your temperament, highlight the sexy, with handmade beads, visual highlight, attractive sight.


The irregular chiffon loaded leaves, the organ’s lines, uniform and fine, embellished along the hands, add levels and romantic feelings, glow charm, the skirt, the skirt is designed, for the whole injection of the charm, and Can cope with, walking and squatting, walking rooms, taking long legs, style.


Frolear dress elegant high-level, with a thin named A-character skirt, with high waist design, highlight the tall figure, plus shrug-sleeved sleeves design, wear the gas field is full, velvet fabric, self-contained gloss Sense, highlighted high-level connotation, while replacing the metal chain and cloth decorative buckle of necklace, wearing a full taste.

The overlapping V-neck, the aphra, gentle, sexy and elegant coexistence, and the texture of the line, the pleating element is used, the visual pull scale, then equipped with a tie, the upper tendon is high, and the smart is The lotus leaf is added, the light luxury single buckle is embellished, and the lifting the hand is full of soft and beautiful taste and taste.


Oriental beauty style, cheongsam improvement style, converged collar, slush, and disk buckle design, antique, melodious, highlighting traditional charm, can be gentle, can gracefully gorgeous, then equipped with heavy work, the flowers embroidered, emerge The style of the Oriental beauty, the bright hue, let you stay away from your dull, one-on-one, and the retro, there is a rich oriental style, the disk is decorated, deducted, and the classical charm, revealing women’s implications Elegant temperament, show the mission curve.

Knitted fabric, equipped with the version of the A word, the upper body falls generous, showed the female curve of women, and the belt is embellished, it is more elegant, the lace element is used, and the sweet feeling, the aging effect is not self-sufficient And the local pearl bright drill, and then equipped with the bright red, put on the light luxury, local embellishment of lace, folded lines, pretty, lining the sweetness of women, and then cooperate with manual sewing Pearl bright drill, aged and light luxury, leather materials, metal waist buckle, light luxury personality, full gas field, waist buckle in the form of pressing, is based on the waist, free adjustment, bundle.

Top semi-skirt two-piece hipster woman taste, pull-up shirt and semi-skirt, using a slim version of the tailor, generous shows the charming S-shaped curve, and then put on the skirt, the top, the upper body wear full woman Smell, court wind sleeve design, skirt different fabric splicing, and single row decoration deduction, create charm details, make the shape look bright eye, easy to achieve eye-catching feelings, and slim version, dotted belt , Thin can also be concave.

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