Running Share – month break birds fly 2021228 Road 3 of (3 year-end dreams – the latest in Malaysia 256)


Breaking the tournament record 3

The purpose of running

Running target

Running plan


Correction running program

I’m running history and sentiment


12/25 515 Christmas is the date of the test events in Malaysia, due to the epidemic, the original marathon this year, all canceled, with a year’s expectations, projections and reciprocal arrangements before running, two weeks ahead of the weekend doing 30+ the LSD, reducing the amount of running, ran 2 times intermittently, since before the calf strain, only aerobic run. Counting the days running, the heart is still a little nervous and looking forward to the last LSD is finished in Century Park, adopted a buildup, ran from 6 points 4 points, ran 33 kilometers, I feel very good, but also on the same day temperature 10 degrees is ideal for running, and there are 515 large zipper God, it just with 2 laps. Then there’s Luwan intermittent Tuesday, followed by a high-level group ran 16 * 400, the body is pulled to the limit, it is to run off behind it. 12/24 Friday night, ready to start running equipment, because of the low temperature weather forecast -2 to 4 degrees, wear pants or shorts tangled in the end it? The last is the first to wear pants again, look at the situation and feel of the site and then off or does not go, T-shirt and vest 515, collar, empty top hat, Asics running shoes, toe socks. Lightweight hydration pack, only the addition of 1000ml of cold water, put a spoonful of salt, 5 energy gum. Everything ready, had a bubble on the foot of the bed early, about half past nine. 3:50 in the morning alarm clock rang, pay close attention to get up, wash finished, put on equipment, plus a jacket and trousers, coated with Vaseline to prevent friction, ate 2 slices of bread, 2 only the amount of glue. Drink a glass of water, 4:30 departure, riding a bike share almost one hour arrived at the Century Park match point No. 7, 5:30 then have people pretty much, around a little bit, feeling a little cold, but also half an hour, WC go next to evacuate again, behind a 5-minute team, emptying is very important, which is a relaxed. No. 7 under the stairs has gathered about 400 contestants, the organizers began to organize pictures, then the warm-up. The weather is really cold about 1/2 of it, I took off my coat, followed by the first warm-up, only slowly warmer, open to physical activity. 6:00 to start running on time, my goal is 300, the starting gun was in second, followed by the crowd went to the starting point, a bit of a squeeze, I was in the final surface, starting after the first shot to start, I pushed up with the second group, the second gun shot, I ran out at the end. I start about 40 seconds later than the rabbit, in front of more people, I’m all the way to catch up, looked at almost 400 pace feels quite good, but did not dare to fast, he ran a lap around 5km finally see to two bunny, 5k spent 20 minutes and 11 seconds, with a speed of 402, followed me all the way, and the pace also drop by about 415, the second lap I felt a little slow, but my goal is to break 300, with hare is the best choice, so I just did not want to keep up with super, and I was late starting 40 seconds, so exactly in line with the target, the rabbit’s pace is very stable, basically is about 410, very small fluctuations . The first two 5K took 21 minutes 08 seconds, third lap began, a little rabbit speed a little bit, I still keep up with the squad in the 300, about eight people two, very neat, 3rd 5K spent 20 minutes 48 seconds faster than the second lap of 20 seconds, feeling good, this time the sky is already bright, the temperature did not change significantly, a bit cold, there is no obvious sweating, physical exertion is not. The fourth circle is very stable, 5K spent 20 minutes 49 seconds, soon to half, then displayed as timing blanket about 1 hour 29 minutes, watch half horse took 1 hour 27 minutes (- actual timing for the final 1 hour 27 minutes 23 seconds). This rough calculation time is not broken down in Malaysia 3 problems, but can not fall too much speed, or a bit of pressure, because of his previous experience in Malaysia are more speed off the second half. 5th lap began, the hare again a little speed, and when the 5K to spend 20 minutes 26 seconds, then began to feel a little tired, eat an energy gel at around 27K, drank a glass of water supplement, may be psychological role bar, flew a lot of good feeling, for the first six laps to spend 20 minutes 23 seconds, the rabbit is really very stable ah. As long followed a rabbit, breaking 3 has no suspense. 7 lap began, and felt a little catch up, fell out of detachments of about 20 meters, looked under the watch, the pace dropped to 420, but you must follow it, continue to breathe, relax arms, bite hot pursuit, finally caught up with the squad in the footsteps of the timing blanket position, when the 5K to spend 20 minutes and 50 seconds, slower than 20 seconds, the last lap, this time the rear side of the thigh to feel pain, cramps have to sign, this time also regardless, only one thought it was the last lap, we must break the 3 successful, a year of achievements and results can not give up, all the way to keep up, when to 40K, psychology has been excited, it will soon break 300, could not help pick up the pace, ran in front of the rabbit, hear the sound of footsteps behind the squad, my heart is only an idea, run. . . Finally see the end of the timing blanket, red ah! In fact, has been washed no more, but did not slow down, a little faster a little bit of it, crossed the line! Wow, a success! 2 hours 56 minutes 55 seconds (when the gun) – when the net result of the final 2 hours 55 minutes 58 seconds! The PB this year compared with last year, nearly 20 minutes fast, Shaoxing marathon last year was 315.

After the finish line, immediately felt tired the whole person across the thigh is also very sore, a little relaxation stretch a few times, to change clothes, put on the jacket, and then find water to drink, the organizers prepared a rich supply, I took a cup of hot milk, a piece of chocolate, a fried dough sticks to slowly eating away and relax. So happy! 3 break finally come true! 515 active volunteers and thank the hard work pay!

3-breaking few thoughts:

1) full uniform, can successfully break 300, credit rabbit is very large, so pace even if there is no rabbit, is almost impossible, according to my previous experience and habits, half horse I might go to 125 / 126, but this may lead to the second half at least off-speed 5 minutes or more to run even collapse, so instead of breaking 3 very dangerous. Uniform is the best choice!

2) is the basis of the amount of running, I ran amount remaining at 600+ perhaps the greatest guarantee may vary, but for me the greatest amount sufficient foundation is run! I ran fast 3 years 20,000 km.


3) the amount of running first, followed by the power of intermittent speed. My usual pace basically in 520-540, it is Pianman, according to this level can not break 300 in the second half of this year to the gym to exercise the leg strength, 2-3 times a week, plus the run deep squat, power has been strengthened. Intermittent run a little less, because it is easy to be injured, so he felt bad when he canceled the run intermittently, but in Luwan batch is also useful, contributed! Although it exhausted every run, but the effect is obvious, provided that they do not hurt!

4) Be sure to avoid injuries, once injured is a ruin hurt all over again. State in the first half of this year is better, from the beginning of January in a row ran 100 half-horse, followed by a long-distance run 520 with a speed of 52km. But in September / October, but the state is not good, run fast on a calf strain, so we always insisted on jogging conservative, canceled the competition and intermittent and tempo runs, while reductions November 9 days off only ran 400 + km. Until December before improved state, he began to participate in a batch run.

Finally, I hope my sharing the same hobby runners can give some reference, this is my break 300, 3-year break 3 dream come true! A lot of understanding written it is relatively water.

2. The purpose of running

Everyone has an initial run of purposes, such as warning his body, feeling tired, fatigue, sense of self, the body needs exercise, want to strengthen physical fitness, increase endurance. In a word, I want to be more healthy body and life! Of course, many people will say that in order to lose weight, in fact, in the final analysis to good health! So running goal is simple – it is healthy!

3. The running target

Do anything, with the aim after the need to set goals, with the only goal direction, right? But this goal is not the same for everyone, and some people want to run a marathon, and some as long aerobic run, some just for health run. In any case, always to define their goals. In fact, the goal is not a static but a dynamic change with the passage of time and his own state of mind changes, as well as running their own ability varies. My advice is according to their own circumstances, you can start from the smallest target, such as distance: 1km, 3km, 5km, 10km … Time: 30,45,60 minutes and so on. Of course there are bigger goals, such as: half horse, Malaysia …….


4. Develop a running program

With a clear goal, we need to plan accordingly, is not it?

Plan is the most important, a good plan enables you to execute relatively easy to perform will make you easily enhance self-confidence, better implementation plan, forming a virtuous circle.

The only people who want to start running to see, but some people just do not like to run, you pass, do not berate. Some people are born not love to run, this is normal. Like I love to run, but the same can not fall in love with yoga.

Here also you need to prepare it running equipment, so you can have a sense of ritual, there is power, but also to avoid injuries, running more comfortable. For example: running shoes, sun hat / sunscreen, running socks, running clothes, water bottle / water bag and so on.


1) should be run every day, adhere to the habit


Novice runners should be the most difficult “start” a lot of reasons, is nothing but the missing equipment, time is precious, weather factors and so on. Once started, then run it simpler.

Running every day will make your body running memory. The first day to run one kilometer, two kilometers run the next day, the third day running one kilometer. . . . This cycle (from here is entirely given to each person according to their needs, depending on their ability to be, can be also be run away, it can also be set from a given time, such as 30 minutes, and so on). Of course, if you first Tianwan training you feel tired the next day’s mileage can walk completed. The most important is the formation of your training mode.


So, every day for a novice looking for a similar period. Develop continuous training habits. Even run, you can choose to go, finish the stretch. This stage does not need to run off (within 3 to 5 km), the key is a habit, which is about 21 days or a month or so, it is recommended to adjust according to your body’s reaction, if not it is necessary to break the run . If it is 5 to 10 kilometers or more, or habits have been formed, it is recommended to run off 2 to 3 days / week.


2) According to weekly, rather than monthly plan, annual plan

Plan to run and how much must be done in accordance with the weekly schedule. 7 days a week’s time, you can choose a long distance one day the weather and physical comfort best, you run one pair is relatively challenges. This day does not matter what day schedule. For example week 10 km 1/2/1/2/1/2/1. Specifically according to their actual ability to do the planning and infrastructure, while the test results, continuous improvement, modification and upgrading.

3) Slow down a little slower, their own rhythm is the most important


If you want to run all the year round just to be healthier, then the speed is definitely not your goal. Let yourself slow down, a little slower. Entangled in its number (tired, I Shashi Hou ran ah), it is better pay attention to their breathing, focus on bodily sensations, thus unknowingly ran the mileage on running the software. If the pace is too slow running tangled, I want to progress fast is very easy to strain muscles. Jogging can make you run farther, run longer. Pace is not given here, because everyone is different, it is recommended to run the heart rate may be set in accordance with the watch according to the aerobic heart rate of 130 to 140 run, remain, and do not worry about to pace. No heart rate monitor, according to their feelings to run, but also basically normal relaxed chat is aerobic running.

4) with core strength training

Feel relaxed when you can do squats and core strength (government support lying, flat, Zhan Zhuang / horse, etc.) practice. 50 squats a day, or 100, that is, to protect the knees, but also enhanced leg strength.

5) Food & Beverage

To get a good running experience, a healthy diet is essential. Recommended fruits and vegetables and whole grains salt and less oil diet. Diet is also a runner must practice content.

5. Perform


Setting a good run in strict accordance with the implementation plan, adhere to almost a month will be able to form a good running habits. In the implementation of the plan is always one way or another there will be some problems, such as weather, physical condition, we can not die move rigidly, to make flexible adjustments need temporary decision to safety, health criteria. Body experience is also very important, I think most people can, of course, there are exceptions, if you really do not like, or feel uncomfortable, completely tired of running type, you need not tangle, perhaps running do not really fit you, then go to pursue their own sports bar!

Ancient Greek proverb: “!! If you want smart, run it if you want strong, running it if you want healthy, running it!”

6. Fixed running program

After the formation of a habit and keep running, you can adjust your running program based on the results of the actual situation and enhance the original 3 km 5 km is not suitable for you. According to 10% of the principle amount increases run, you better achieve healthy and happy running program. At this time you may be concerned about pace, you can set the more ambitious goal of running, such as half-horse, Malaysia. Some runners can go to see professional books to see half horse, all horses training program. It must be combined with their actual situation!


7. I’m running the course and share insights

I was in January 2019 officially opened the run, has 36 months is 3 years. My first touch was enlightening December 2018 No. 15, to participate in the company’s orientation running activities, 5 kilometers score of about 27 minutes, the man second, I wear is borrowed soccer shoes, long pants clothes and running activities, does not look like a man running. After that time running, I felt pain for almost one week. Followed by another with his son and his wife took part in Disney’s 2019 New Year New Year’s run, from opening my running. By the way it was also about a two colleagues, a friend. That son running cried, because another run, but smaller than his friends.

Breaking the tournament record 3

In January 2019 and in February, my monthly run is around 130 kilometers, which is basically 500 kilometers per month. I ran 5006.66 kilometers in the first year. Average speed 6 “18”. In the second year, I ran 7113.68 kilometers, and the average speed 5 “48”. Month is 500 ~ 600. This year, 7684 kilometers, the average speed 5 “22”. The monthly run is about 640.

My first participation in the half-horse competition is in April 2019, Chongming’s rock hippon, the score is 1 hour 43 points, and the speed 4 “54”. The second participation in the marathon competition is October 2019, Wuxi Shan’s Court Mountain lake marathon, the score is 3 hours 25, the speed 4 “52”. The third participation in the competition is November 2020, Shaoxing’s Yue Malang, the performance is 3 hours and 15 points, and the speed 4 “38”. Latest The PB running record is a 2021/6/13 half-horse test match for the Luwan running group, with a score of 1 hour 28 points, and the speed 4 “10”. This test match is 2 hours and 55 minutes 58 seconds. Still the picture above, more real feelings! Figure 1.5 km 27 company welcomes new run; Figure 2. First half horse 143; Figure 3. The first full horse 325; Figure 410 km 39; Figure 5. Second full horse 315; Figure 6. The latest half horse PB128.

Three years of running graph:

In line with 2019/2020 / 2021

Three years of running experience is not short, maybe just starting a run, in short, I have formed a habit, that is, I am very natural, I want to run! The opening of running is that it feels that your body is always less comfortable. It is very easy to catch a cold. As long as there is a cold around, I will have a cold, I feel that my physical quality is so bad, so I want to have one right. Movement to strengthen physical fitness, compare some sports, such as fitness, swimming, cycling, etc., finally think of running, is a more economical way of exercise. In fact, in the summer of 2018, I have also insisted on running for more than a month, the purpose is to make my son’s identity, because when I went out to travel, my son is very tired. At that time, I decided that after dinner, I ran away for an hour in the evening. On a sidewalk of the appearance of the community, I took my son to exercise, and the results did make my son a lot, and the road became easier.

It is more painful because it is forced to go to run. As a result, the knee at that time is still a bit hurt 2 kilometers. I have to let go, basically 3 kilometers, slowly To 5 km, up to 10 km. I also bought a knee pad, new running shoes, a lot of don’t understand, just asked, at that time, like a question baby, speed, distance, time, etc., find a group, participate in running activities. After insisting on almost half a year, basically form a habit, it is no longer a painful process, but naturally, it is necessary to run. After each run, I feel very happy, no matter what trouble is still Comfortable, whether it is lonely, lonely, there is no way to run. Running is a very simple exercise, just get running, just more. But running is also a recognized most boring exercise, requiring a person to face a variety of situations, lonely running environment, over the sun, rain, cold, dark, and more. Therefore, persistence is a very difficult thing, at least for most people, although people running in recent years have become more and more. Maybe simple is also a charm! Avenue is simple.

The benefits of running can also feel obvious, one will not be able to have a cold, even if you have a cold, you don’t have to take medicine, you can fight it, you can’t resist medicine, you can’t resist, you will inflamed, throat hurt . Therefore, running must be able to enhance the physical quality, second, running can make a lot of runners, I don’t know, but as long as it is running, hit, talk about running, traveling in running friends , Encouragement, persistence, mutual supervision, card. There is no conflict of interest, it is really the easiest to make a real friend, it is just because there is a common hobby! Running friends are more cheerful, and they are very willing to mutual! So if you have a big life pressure, or there is depression, come to run! I haven’t running around, only sweat, only after running!

I still want to share my latest running plan. The current month run is about 600 kilometers. I feel a bit more, it may be adjusted to around 400 ~ 550, cycling on Wednesday (13 km), then in the company’s plastic Runway (2.7 km a circle) running 10 ~ 13 km (as a motor movement on Wednesday, may race, good state, do not rash), on Monday, Second, Fourth, Fiveth, 300 mi, Take 20 to 30 km near home on Saturday, running on Sunday. In addition, attending the running group on Tuesday (10 km from 8:00 in the evening), the week is about 130 kilometers. My method is: the aerobic foundation is running more, the core power should exercise, speed improvement rely on running group activities, such as: rhythm run, intermittent run, etc., using a small game to test. After more than 50 years old, it is too tired to run too much. Health is the initial heart. The horse is just challenged, just a landscape on the way. To be honest, the whole horse is really tired. After the first time I ran in the Famie, the feeling really is extremely painful, I don’t want to run again! We really need to have awe! Not everyone can run horses, especially the whole horse, don’t need to force! There may be more suitable for you sports or projects!

Regarding the problem of running in the morning, there is no need to entangle, it is good, and the morning run is worried that the empty stomach will lead to hypoglycemia. This is completely excessive concern, refer to the “No Tracked Machine”, basics There is no problem in the morning running for 2.5 hours in the morning, unless you are hypoglycemia.

Finally, again – ancient Greek proverb: “If you want to be smart, run! If you want to be strong, run! If you want to be healthy, run!”

I also want to sincerely thank those running friends, big coffee, and encountering gods that have been guided, guided, helped, and the gods of running, guidance, and help. Thank you for your selflessness and enthusiasm! For example: the big god of the rushing group and the head of the group, the walker Shanghai running group, the head of the group, the god of the Luwan running group, met the gods and head of the Shanghai running group. Thank you for providing an event platform and helping me run!

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