9 kinds of common bird cages introduced, let pet birds can have a small nest for yourself

There are many patterns of bird cages.

According to the bird’s foodability, two bird cages can be divided into food valves and cooking. The food valley bird cage mainly has a jade bird cage, a cage, a bird cage, a hundred outslast cages, etc .; the cage of the pool, the cage, octopori cages, parrots, etc.


According to the use of bird cages, it can be divided into ornamental cages, breeding cages, boxed bird cages, hop cages, tanks, transport cages, cages, etc.

According to the production material, it can be divided into bamboo cages, wooden cages, plastic cages, metal cages, etc.

According to the shape of the bird cage, it can be divided into cylindrical cages, waist drum cages, square cages, house bed, pavilion cage, polygon cage.

In this issue, we have been introduced, 9 kinds of common


Ornamental bird cage

Design and production method.

I, thrown cage


There is a slate and bright cage, which is generally made of bamboo as a material.

The slabs are more square. In addition to the front side, the rest are sealed with bamboo slices, suitable for raising the northern raw biopsy, but now the birds in the northern region, I prefer to use 24 * 21 * 27cm. The rectangular wooden cage is covered with a square plate.

Bright cages have cylindrical, waist drums, steamed buns, hex circles, topping, arches, top centralized with bamboo plates. The bright cage is generally 33cm, the bottom of the cage is 30cm, the spacings are 2cm, the strip thickness 0.3cm, the bottom grid, for the light bottom, and feces. At the bottom of the cage, a 2 cm is plague with a bonded bar, which is convenient for bird mill and paw. At both ends of the ink bar are close to the cage, resettle pots and water cylinders, while exterior is ready.

The thrown cage is suitable for all kinds of eaten birds, such as the japanese crowns, such as 鹎 鹎, yellowbirds, landstern birds, whiteheads, Taiping birds, etc.



Second, hibiscus

The hibiscus cage is also known as the jade bird cage, mostly in square cages, and the circular cage is relatively rare.

Square hibiscus has a dome and a top of the top, and the bottom is closed, and the length is usually 24 * 24 * 35cm, the spacings are 1-1.2cm, and the strip is 0.2cm. The circular cage is generally 38cm high and the bottom is 27 cm.

When making hibiscus cages, the bamboo is generally used, the bottom is a thin wooden board, and the sand is placed on the sand. It is used to undertake the feces. It is located from the bottom of 15cm. 1-2 sticks with diamonds, near the cage The places of the wall are resettled separately.

This kind of bird cage is suitable for feeding of Galal, Acacia, Gray, Pearl, Golden Finger, Jinhuachi and other small birds.

Hibiscus cage

3, Bai Ling Cage

Bailing cage is bamboo circular cage, top, arch, and the size of the Bailing cage is generally divided into three specifications.

The large cage can reach more than 1m or more, 50-60 cm in diameter, and sometimes it is convenient to carry, or it can be made into a telescoped cage of 2-3 sections of the 2-3 section;

Medium cage 50-50cm, diameter 40cm;

Small cages are divided into two types and small five laps, large five-circle cage high 28cm, diameter 34-36cm, small five-circle cage high 25cm, 30-32cm in diameter, crude 0.2-0.3cm, strip spacing 1.2- 1.5cm.

The central part of the cage is generally attached to the copper plate, beautiful and generous, and the bottom is closed. It is covered with a bottom circle, and there is a thin sand, a bellows sandal bath, feeding and undertake feces.

This cage generally does not have a perch, only a high 10-20 cm mushroom phoenix station, the table is rough, 4-7cm in diameter, so that the bird will sing on the stage.

A round hole is opened at about 6cm from the lower part of the cage, about 3 cm in diameter, and fix the jug on the outer cage of the hole, the bird can be free to reach the head and drink water, as for the potted, you can put it in the cage can also be put Cage.

This kind of bird cage is generally used to raise birds such as Bilong and Skylark.


Four, eight brothers

Eight brothers are generally large bamboo or wire-shaped bird cages, and there are two tops of flat, vault.

Commonly used octopori cages in production, high 48cm, diameter 36cm, strip spacing 2.2cm, thickness of 0.4cm, in the distance of about 10cm from the bottom of the cage, 2, two times, two times, 2, water tank 1. The birds raised by the eight brothers are generally rich in food, so the bottom is the bright bottom, to set the feces.


This type of cage is mostly used to raise large birds such as eight brothers, 鹩 brothers and brother and Shrabo.


Five, point cage

The cage is a small cage of bamboo, which is generally 30cm. The bottom of the cage is 20-25cm, the spacing is 1.5cm, the strip is 0.2cm, the upper closed portion of the cage is about 16cm, and there is a perbitat in the bottom 10cm from the bottom Wood, coarse approximately 1 cm, two times close to the cage, water cylinder, bottom is a bright bottom, and the bonding pad can be added to the upper or moisture absorbent.


In addition to the red spot, the blue dot can be used to raise the red mouth.


Sixth, embroidered eye cage

Embroidered eye cages are a smaller in the ornamental bird cage, so the type of bird cage is more cage due to embroidered birds.


Embroidered eye sizes, size, commonly used for long width 20 * 20 * 21cm, strip spacing 1cm, crude 0.2cm. The top is the arched, which can be sealed with bamboo or wood, the bottom of the cage is bright, no bottom, and the tunnel can be used with a thin wooden board or plastic plate, which is a cage base.

In the cage, there is a suitable position, but it is not suitable for too thick, usually 0.5-0.8cm, and placed on the walls, 1 pieces of the water cylinder, and placed a cylindrical fell.

In addition to breeding embroidered birds, this cage can also raise a small bird with a jewisman, willow, Jayya, and a colors.

Embroidered eye cage


Seven, orange cage

The root cage is generally bamboo flat top cage, a diameter of 28-30cm, high 21cm, a spacing of 1.2cm, a strip thickness 0.2cm, a wooden board or plastic plate, a bottom coil is 3 cm, and the sand is not covered. pad. Some kinds of birds will choose to use wisteria, six wood or flower pear, and place two perch woods, and 2 of the water tanks in each end of the perch.

This type of cage is suitable for breeding a variety of small caucasia, such as Zhu Denque, Golden Finger.

Eight, Tithan


Tit cage is used for red, but it is also known that the red jacket, the overall design and production are similar to the root cage, just a small spacing slightly, 1cm, and also resettle a soft food.

The tits cage can also raise a variety of tits, such as the white face, coal butt, yellow stomach, big tits, and long taque.



Nine, tiger skin parrot cage

The tiger skin parrot is strong and strong, likes to bite wood, so this kind of bird cage is made of wire. The bottom is closed with iron, and the bottom is set. When you type only, it is better to use the circular cage, the cage is high and the diameter is 33cm, the lamina is 2cm, and the habitat is placed in the cage, and the bumps, water cylinders and miscellaneous cylinders are fixed. The size is equivalent to the bottom of the cage.

This type of cage mainly raises a variety of small and medium parrots.

Round tiger skin parcel cage

Xiaomei Message:

The bird cage is the cage of raising and ostrich. Due to the difference between the bird’s habits, species, heart, the requirements of the bird cage are different, a delicate bird cage can not only make the birds, but also fits the birds themselves. Gorgeous feathers make overall look more beautiful. So what kind of birds are required to choose from the bird cage, about this, and birds, lovers must pay attention!

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