7 * 8 trend day, Korean 3D rainbow folding Rubik’s cube geometric mass

There is a need to pack the problem to solve the problem, our packages can be cured, there is a story, you can pay attention to me, private letter I “one” I am one living in a life!

7*8 潮流日韩3D彩虹折叠魔方几何大容量百变幻彩手提单肩包

Package weight (0.35kg)

7*8 潮流日韩3D彩虹折叠魔方几何大容量百变幻彩手提单肩包

Enjoying your own struggle is the happiest thing in a life.

7*8 潮流日韩3D彩虹折叠魔方几何大容量百变幻彩手提单肩包

Also tell us that Future Charging will continue to build a beautiful living concept to build a beautiful living concept with the needs of modern people, to help people need quality and price benefits for people to make people’s life needs.Reporting the society to improve the people’s livelihood for their long-lasting, let more people fall in love with bags, do better bags, have better life, and still stick to it, because he believes countless family of Jiaji people willWe have contributed a lifetime for a lifetime for your love!

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